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July 14, 2006

Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh!

So here we have it. Real life in the Pauls' residence! We have here pictured 4 little boys, three of which are quite muddy. Why you ask? Three words: slough, jumping and mischief. Nathan of course was a little angel as usual (well almost) and never followed the crowd. I always said when these 4 boys are growing up they will have a lot of "fun"! A few years ago if this would have happened I probably would have been beside myself with annoyance, but today I have learned that sometimes you just have to laugh. So the word for today, "Don't be annoyed at today what will most likely be a laugh tommorrow!" Posted by Picasa

July 12, 2006

More Holiday Photos

On July 1st admission was free at the Mennonite Heritage Museum so we hung out there and in the evening we were able to watch the fireworks right from our campsite. They were pretty impressive! Posted by Picasa
More Water Please Mark and the boys spent lots of time making sandcastles, rivers, streams and more. Posted by Picasa
Row Row Row Your Boat We had lots of fun boating on this man made lake. Posted by Picasa
Follow the Leader We went for a walk almost every night. This place was called Cherry Hill Resort. Posted by Picasa
Baby Brooke's First Birthday

As is our tradition with first birthdays we let our birthday girl stick her hands in the birthday cake. She seemed to enjoy herself! Posted by Picasa
Nate in his "MUSCLES"
When Nathan asks for his muscles, its this swim suit he wants on!
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Steinbach Mennonite Heritage Museum July 1, 2006 Posted by Picasa