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April 28, 2015

Michael Gideon

It's a boy!!!!

Michael Gideon
April 15/15
6lbs. 15oz.

Brother Love

 Nephew Silas getting to know his Uncle!

For more photographs check out Megan's Blog.


Mandy said...

So much cuteness!!

Leanne said...

Congratulations a million times over, Rosalie!! He is darling and I'm so glad he's here and the wait is over for you!!

I must admit, I'm a bit jealous too! I'd love to have more babies and hope that God will bless us with more!

You are so blessed and now you get to enjoy the Newborn Bliss days!!

Again, congratulations!!

Marie said...


Aunt Ruth said...

congratulations! Looks like a sweetie!

The Mayo Family said...

Congratulations to your family from the Mayo home!
He is *so* cute...such a blessing!
Hope and pray that you are all doing well!
Many blessings from us to you~
The Mayo Family

p.s. you need to post a new picture of him now...:) *hint-hint*!