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February 9, 2015


I had to actually look to see when the last time was that I posted! Sad to say it was a few months ago! A lot has happened in the last few months. The most exciting news to share is that we are expecting a new little blessing in April!!! (You may have read this on our daughter, Jennnifer's blog but I never really made it official here:) After our 2 recent miscarriages we kept the news to ourselves until November. It almost seemed to good to be true! I think we had all resigned ourselves to thinking that Eli was going to be our last. But God had other plans....and we are thrilled! And now after being out of baby mode for so long (long to us anyway!) we are preparing our hearts and our home to meet this precious little one! For the first time ever we found out the gender of our baby on a routine ultra sound back in November. Our children know what the gender is so we will see if they can keep it a secret until baby is born! We revealed it to them through the color of Josiah's birthday cake in January. He is our baby lover and is super excited about having a new baby around and comes often to hug my growing belly and caress it :) It's so fun to see the excitement of all the kiddos, big and little, while eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new brother/sister.

And so now it's on to picking out a name!!! Oy....this gets harder and harder the more children and grandchildren we have! It makes it a little easier knowing the gender, but still :) I think we have nailed one down, but that could all change once we see this precious little face!

I have had a pretty easy pregnancy so far except for high blood pressure issues which I am now on medication for. I have always been border line with my blood pressure readings during my pregnancies and have suffered with the "white coat syndrome" ever since our first. But now my Dr. thinks because of my age, it has been pushed into the "higher" range. Usually when I would take my readings at home they would be very normal...but not this time. We are just thankful it doesn't seem to be pre-eclampsia. My numbers have been very stable since I have been on the meds. And as much as I hate being on this medication, the other option was way to dangerous for me and the baby. I am still praying that after baby is born I can get off the meds. I am so thankful for my Dr. She is the best and is willing to work together with my midwife through this pregnancy and delivery. God has been so good to direct us to her!

I am now at the stage of my pregnancy where I am getting a little energy back. I think sometimes.....or always....my family grimaces when I get to this stage because the cleaning bug hits me. I don't know what happens exactly, except I see dirt in place that I never saw it before!!! My current project so far it washing all the white (or should be white) blinds in our house. And after that is done who knows where this cleaning bug will bring me! As long as I don't start painting we should be fine!!!

Many people make the comment that I must love being pregnant to have so many children. To this I smile and say.....I love to be in the will of God. And this is His will for us right now. To read more about our beliefs about embracing the all the children God will give us, you can read a blog post I wrote a few years ago when I was expecting child #11.

So for now I enjoy the wiggles and kicks within. I will dream about what this baby bumpkin will look like. I will take advantage of my cleaning bug :) I will look forward to the birth day of this baby and the sweet newborn cuddles I will have.  I will rejoice at the miracle that is living inside of me!


Leanne said...


I was so happy to see this post!! It indeed has been a long time since you posted....

I'm so ecstatic for you!!!!!

I can't wait to "meet" your new little sweetheart.

Thanks for sharing this news.

Carolyn Rissler said...

Hi Rosalie!!
This is awesome news! I have been following your posts for a number of years and have been greatly encouraged! It is wonderful to hear of large families and the willingness to bear children in older age. We have seven children and due to have a baby in a few weeks, so it's encouraging to hear about your pregnancy!

Your willingness has been a great inspiration to me!
~Carolyn Rissler

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR LITTLEST ONE. I am expecting #11 in May and am having a hard time with blood pressures too. :) They put me on meds during my pregnancy with my last baby and they never took me off. So many of the things you said sounded JUST LIKE ME!!! :) Just the other day someone asked me how many children we were going to have and then when would I be "too old?" my answer was I will know I am too old when God does not send me any more babies. ;) I DO LOVE being pregnant, I lOVE having babies and I like to be in the will of God too! :) God is so good to us. ;)