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June 29, 2009

Some Trip Photos

Here is a bit of an update of our first couple of days of travel.
We are having a great time. Right now we are at our friends, the Muncks, and are really enjoying visiting with them. More about that another time. But for now here are some random photos of some of our journey so far.....
Caleb and Mikaya having breakfast
The boys loading up for the busy day ahead :)
I often wonder how many boxeS of Cherios they would eat if you would just let them go at it! Mikaya sporting Jesse's hat Baby Josiah being his sweet, sweet self
Throwing around a football at a campground
The famous jumping picture
Enjoying the big jumping balloon
We went to the Mall of America.
Really I didn't think it wasn't all it was hyped up to be.
Of course the rides and stuff were crazy expensive so we basically just walked around and looked at stuff. The Lego world was really neat though. I can't imagine how much time it would have taken to make these things.
We're still working on our scavenger hunt.
Mark and Caleb wearing off some pent up energy. I forget what this game is called. Denyse can you help me?
Sisters enjoying quality and quanitity time together.
Here's what we are traveling in. Jennifer, Megan and Kerri sleep in the van while the rest of us squeeze into the camper. Wearing off more energy (have I mentioned that before:)
There were 2 turtles at one of the campgrounds laying eggs. It was fasinating to see and we wished we could see them hatch. We plan on studying up on turtles to see how they dig that hole?!?!?
I think one of the things we have really appreciated on this trip is the creativity of our God. All of His creation is so unique and so amazing. And it puzzles is me how people think this all just 'happened'?
Happy Traveler
Lots of reading.
We took out the third seat in our 15 passenger van so the boys would have a little more room and we could store their toys and books back there. Thanks to Esther who gave me the idea of putting some rubbermaid drawers back there to keep their things organized. So far it has worked great!

June 27, 2009

Traveling On

Well our travels are going quite well. We have made it to Hixton,Wisconsin.

We haven't been pushing it real hard which is nice just coming out of our busy farm season of seeding and spraying. We haven't had a real agenda except to make it to Tennessee in time to get lots of visiting in. Josiah has been an amazing traveler as we have hardly heard a squeak out of him.

Our first night was a little rough. There was much thunder, lightening and wind. Brooke wasn't feeling well so was unsettled. Nathan was having issues with Caleb in his sleep (not sure what he did to him?)

We are hoping tonight will be better. I am not used to hearing every little noise of our kids. We are in very close quarters here, so I will have to get used to it :)

Today we visited the mall of america. The boys really enjoyed the Lego park and the little girls the "American Girl" store. We were hoping to go to the Aquarium but when we saw the cost we realized that wasn't going to happen:)

Tonight we enjoyed some relaxing family time together. We got a nice deal at this campground and we are enjoying it. They have a big jumping balloon which was a hit! In the morning there is an all you can eat pancake breakfast for a small fee.

Tomorrow we plan to head to Illinois.

So I should get some sleep as the kids will probably be up bright and early as that's what camping seems to be all about!

I hope you are enjoying your summer too!

June 25, 2009

Holiday Time

The last few days have been very busy as we have been getting ready for HOLIDAYS! We are very thankful for Joshua and Rebecca who are keeping the farm running while we are gone. Without them we would not be able to get away. Thank you so much guys :)

Mark is just finishing up some last minute farm stuff and then we're heading south to visit our dear friends the Munck's.

This will be the longest road trip we have ever taken.

So if you have any traveling tips for us we would love to hear them :)

Oh and we are planning a scavenger hunt (of things we see). Could you help us out? What should we add to our list?

We hope to give you some updates along the way, so until then......

June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

To the BEST Daddy in the world :)
We love you lots and lots

Love, Jennifer, Megan, Kerri, Caleb, Zachary, Jesse, Nathan, Brooke, Mikaya, and Josiah

June 18, 2009

Caption Contest

Our family took a vote of all your caption suggestions for this contest. It was a tough decision as there were so many great & creative ideas! We ended up having a tie, so we had to draw between two names to find out the winner.

Harry and Nancy Pauls YOU ARE THE WINNER!!!! with this caption....

This is the easy part, the spin cycle was tough!

Jim Hildebrand was the runner up with this caption...

Sorry mom, I won't do it again!

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this so much fun.

June 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday & Caption Contest

Just a reminder that this contest ends today at midnight.

Check back tomorrow to see who the winner is :)


June 16, 2009

Terrific Two's

There is one cliche that really bothers me. It's "the terrible two's" phrase. In fact it more that bothers me, it makes me kind of sad.

We have had many two year olds in our home throughout the years (we're working on our 10th right now) and I have to say that year two is one of my favorites. And that's why I am bothered when I hear people negatively talk about the two year old stage and call it the "terrible two's" Even though it may be said jokingly or in fun, I think it often makes parents fearful of this fun age even before they get there.

So in our home we call it the "terrific two's". Why? Because it is! Two year olds have so much to explore, discover and learn. Who can blame them for all they 'accomplish' in a day? Of course with the two year old age come lots and lots of training. And yes folks, some day it can be just plain exhausting :) But what a privelage and joy to see when as they respond to discipline and learn to control their little minds and bodies.

Quite honestly, I will be kind of sad when the day comes that we don't have a two year old in our home. Their look of anticipation, wonder and excitement to new things adds such joy to a day.

Their learning how to talk makes me chuckle many times over. We have so many 'pet phrases' that have originated from our two year olds and their cute way of talking. And besides, who would entertain us at the dinner table?

And the sweet, pure lovin' they give is so refreshing. What could replace those sloppy two year old smooches?

Two year olds have a way of showing me my true self. The way they replicate my actions and attitudes makes me very careful of the way I speak and act. God knew that as parents we sometimes need to see ourselves through the eyes of a two year old :)

So please do yourself a favor. If you use the phrase "terrible two's" exchange the word terrible with terrific. If you have a two year old embrace this year, it goes so fast. If you will have a two year old in the future, look forward to it. If you know of someone who has a two year old encourage them. And one by one let's change the "terrible two's" cliche into the beautiful thing that it really is......TERRIFIC!