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September 21, 2007

New Recipes

Check out the new recipes on our recipe blog.


Hi, it's good to be back. You probably didn't even know I was gone! Mark took me away for a couple of days to celebrate my birthday. He felt bad we couldn't get away on my birthday, as he was a little under the weather! We brought Kerri along to be our nanny, and had a great time, relaxing and shopping. We got home last night and now today life is back into "full swing". I have had so many 'blog inspirations' over the last few days, but those are going to have to wait as today I need to get caught up.

So just wanted to remind those who are interested in joining me in studying the book 'Created to be His Help Meet' that we will be having our first blog 'discussion' Oct. 5th. I am really excited about this. As a mom of young children it isn't possible for me at this stage to go out to bible studies and share with other ladies my joys, struggles & journeys of being a godly woman. I hope that we can do this here and have some good discussions, have open hearts and let the Lord teach us how we can become more like Him. So if you are interested, get your book (from the link above or at your Bible Book Store), read the first chapter and I look forward to hear what you think on Oct. 5th.

September 20, 2007


Stacey is having a contest for a nursing bracelet from Amy May's Etsy store. Although I have never owned one of these bracelets, I have thought many times of getting one. It seems hard to believe, but when you are tired beyond tired it is hard to remember sometimes which side was last! I love the way this bracelet not only tells you what side you last fed from but also what time and it's even PRETTY! So hats (or bracelets) off to Stacey for offering this contest.

September 13, 2007

Goodbye Summer

Where did summer go? I think for us it went super fast because harvest started at the beginning of August. So I went out into the garden after supper and picked what will probably be the last boquet of flowers for the year. As I was picking I was again amazed at the different flowers, the uniqueness of each one, the beauty, the intricate details. What an awesome God, to make so many different kinds for us to enjoy. He could have made just one kind, but He didn't, He made many shapes, sizes and colors for us. It makes me excited to see what heaven will be like, the beauty, the colors, the smells. More than we can even imagine. So with this in mind I say goodbye to summer, nice weather, flowers, campfires, camping...and hello to the slower pace of winter, snow, skating, sitting around the wood stove, reading, care groups, school.....I will enjoy a different pace, even though I will miss summer, I enjoy Mark & Josh being around more, and more family time. I am glad to live in Manitoba.

Life has been full lately. Mark and I celebrated our
19th anniversary this week. We even got away for a night, it was nice. We plan on going away again as soon as Mark is feeling better. He got his stitches out on Tuesday but still has to stay quite still or he finds himself in a lot of pain. The doc said he will have to take it easy for 6 months. A little longer than we thought, but we are praying that things will get better quickly so that he can get around a little more.
We have sort of started the 'text book' part of school. The kids just kind of took initiative to start on their own. This year we will have 6 in school and 4 toddling around! I am sure Jesse and Nathan will want to be involved as well. And Brooke will probably repeat everything everyone says. She's a little parrot these days!

Our little 'baby' Mikaya is growing up fast.

Yesterday she started moving herself around on the floor. If she sees something she wants she pulls herself forward with her arms. She is only 5 months! She is so interested in what everyone is doing
and doesn't want to get left behind!

We have been getting a lot of laughs from the funny things Brooke says. She tries to be so grown up about everything. But there is one thing she just cannot get right! The older girls names. She gets them mixed up all the time. I think we have figured out it is according to what she wants. If she wants food she calls on a certain girl, if she wants to go potty she calls on a certain girl, if she wants to go outside she calls on a certain girl ect... Well the other day she said to Kerri, "Megan, where's Megan?" I am sure someday she will get it right, for now it is kind of funny!

September 8, 2007

A Cut Above The Rest

Well Mark definitely has a cut! We changed his dressing yesterday to find a nice sized incision under there with 26 staples, plus quite a black and blue spot. If he moves around too much he seems to pay for it so he is trying to stay as still as possible. If you are queasy I apologize for the photo but I thought some might be curious of the boo boo!

September 4, 2007


Well, Mark had surgery today at 12:30 pm and we just brought him home a little while ago to recover. Everything went really well. We got there at 7:45 am because they told us the surgeon might see us before his first surgery. But that was wishful thinking. He finally saw Mark around 10:00 am and then they brought him to his room to wait. At 12:30 pm they took him in and the surgery was finished around 2:00. They screwed in a plate to piece the bones back together since it was in 3 pieces. (we got to see it on the xrays, pretty amazing!) After all his faculties started working they decided to send him home around 7:30. So he was glad to be able to sleep in his own bed. He is not in too much pain and we are pretty sure it is because of all the prayers of so many of you who said you would be praying. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please continue to pray that his recovery would be quick and painless. I hope this made sense because I am very tired and don't feel like I am communicating real well :) Anyway, I need to go to bed and get my beauty sleep because tomorrow is MY BIRTHDAY! So until next time.

September 3, 2007

Fun, Food, Fellowship and FOOTBALL!!

Yesterday our church had a family day at Christian Enrichment Family Camp. In the morning we had a worship service. Some of us did praise and worship. Then we had a food, food and more food! After that we had a photo hunt, relays and stuff and....more food!! Some guys were playing a 'gentle' game of football and convinced my hubby to join them. They were having a grand ol' time until Mark tackled someone, then got tackled by someone. The other guys ended up unscathed, but....not Mark. So we made our well trodden trail to the ER at Boundry Trails to find out that Mark's collar bone is in 3 peices. So they put a sling on him, drugged him up and sent him home to wait for an appointment with a surgeon on Tuesday morning (Today is a holiday). So it looks like he will probably have to have surgery to fix the damage. Oh well! I don't think he plans on playing football anytime soon! So if you think of him in the next couple of days please pray for
- the pain
- wisdom for the surgeon to know what to do
- a quick recovery
- strength for Joshua as he holds the fort (we finished harvest on Friday, so the 'timing' is not too bad) (there's a positive side to everything!)
We will keep you posted on the ever exciting happenings in 'our quiver'

*on a side note:
You may have heard on the news about the couple at Snowflake that died last week. Sadly they were so low they found life hopeless and decided it wasn't worth living anymore. We have known their family for a long time and their parents and one brother and his wife attend our church. Please pray for the family as I can't imagine how incredibly hard this must be.

September 1, 2007

Created to be His Help Meet

This is a call to all you wives who are wanting to learn more about being a godly wife. I have heard great reviews on the book "Created to be His Help Meet" by Debi Pearl. So I would like to go through it with all of you who are interested in joining me.

I want to start the first week in October and plan to post on each chapter weekly (hopefully Fridays).

I would love to be able to do this together with you through this blog by discussing each chapter through the comments page.

If you are interested you can order your book at Amazon with the above link or pick it up from your Bible Book Store. I look forward to taking this journey together with you.