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November 17, 2018

DAYS 9-17

As I told you a few days ago we went to our friends house.
We where there from friday to monday and the rest was bad internet campgrounds.

Here is some pictures of our friends , Ruthella , Mary Ann, Susana, emma, and Olivia.Oh and the baby  Judah.

 This is Ruthella I like to call her Ruthie she is realy fun and kind :)
This is Mary Ann I like to call her Mer Mer :)

This is Olivia I like to call her Livie :) She is one of the twins.

This is Emma I like to call her Emmie 

:) She is the other twin.

This is the cutey Judah isn't he cute :) 

This is William I like to call him Small Fry :)

We had fun we had tea parties , we played games , and we went on a walk .
Here are a couple pictures I took on the walk.

 Of course we had to take a picture this one is just the kids.

Those crazy girls !!! Well I guess they where just having fun :)

The next few days we spent at a campground in Gorgiea .It was a beautiful campground!!!!

Here is some nice nature pictures.

It was raining most of the time but it was still beautiful!!!!
Me and my sister mikaya stayed overnight at Kerri and Aubreys soon to be home and we went to Aubreys church called Free Chapel it was great. After all this exitment we drove about 4 hours to Flordia . Which a few months ago was hit by hurricaine Michel!!! When we got to Flordia  I was heartbroken at all the broken homed and all the garbage everywhere !!!! Here is some pictures.

I feel terrably sorry for all the families that had to go through this :(
Thats all for the past couple of days I will post tomorow bye.

November 8, 2018

Day 5

Today was day 5 of our trip.

This morning we woke up to this. A poor guy drove his truck right into the water on our campground. Talk about having a BAD day!! It was like watching reality tv as they pulled it out of the water. The little boys were pretty entertained! Mikey thought there were alligators in the water and that they got in the truck. Silly boy! Ironicallly the campground name was  
"4 Guys RV Park".  Maybe things like this happen all the time ?!?!

After that entertainment we were on the road again with HAPPY faces :)

We got to drive about 3 hours through the most beautiful valley ever!!!! We won't mention the winding, narrow roads, huge bumps on the highway that sent many things flying and the GPS mess up! But all in all it was an great adventure that added more memories to our list!

Finally we arrived to our first destination...WALMART! Here we also entered with VERY HAPPY!!!!!! faces. Walmart is always a good place to stock up on food, wear off some energy and get some treasures! We can only shop for about 3 days worth of food so Walmart is a frequent stop on every vacation.

We shopped for about an hour then drove about 2 more hours where we reached our final destination for the day. We were even in Cosby, Tennesse while we were watching the Cosby Show!!!!! Now we are staying at a beautiful KOA campground in the Smokie Mountains for the night. It was pretty much dark when we arrived so no pictures yet! Sadly you will probably not hear from me for a few days as we will not have internet access. But stay tuned...I WILL be back!!!

November 6, 2018

DAY 2-3

Today is day 3 of our trip

 Sorry for not posting yesterday.
                                                             The internet was very bad.

Last night we stopped at this beautiful but with bad, internet campground after a fun visit with our friends, the Sims

We left at 8:00 this morning with happy faces.

We drove about 5 hours . Then we stopped at.....

We bought a few things there then we drove about 2 hours to....
Where we filled up diesel. After that we traveled about 5 minutes to the next campground
called THORN TREE LAKE in Saint Paul Indiana. It's beautiful!! Heres a couple pictures.

Don't you think it's beautiful? The temperature is about 12 C! 
I should be able to post more tomorow :)

November 4, 2018

Day 1

Hello I'm Brooke the younger sister of Jen, the one who usually blogs our family vacation. This year me and my dad are blogging because Jen is not coming with us. So we are taking over!

We drove for 8 hours to Sioux City
and stopped at a camp ground

 We hade lots of fun and we will post more tomorow:)
Goodbye for now!

June 29, 2017


I am a list person. I like lists... Lots of lists. I think the older I get and the more children we have, the more I rely on my lists. I am so thankful for apps like Evernote to keep my lists so organized. We also have books of lists. Camping, meal plans, vacation, grocery shopping, clothes, special occasions, jobs.

Some people like lists. Some people don't. Some people think that if you make a list you will rely on it and won't even try to remember thus, not excercising your brain. I think lists keep me more sane, and I get more sleep because I am not always trying to remember what I am forgetting!

So this is my excuse for not blog posting the last couple of days. I have been busy making lists, and filling lists. We are going camping tomorrow and will be camping for most of the month. So, my mind had been a little preoccupied 😊 Camping with a family this size is no small feat!!

So how about you. Are you a list person?

June 26, 2017

In All Things

We are gearing up for a month of camping so my posts may be short and sweet for the next few days! Today I wanted to share a few pictures of my favorite flower garden.