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June 29, 2017


I am a list person. I like lists... Lots of lists. I think the older I get and the more children we have, the more I rely on my lists. I am so thankful for apps like Evernote to keep my lists so organized. We also have books of lists. Camping, meal plans, vacation, grocery shopping, clothes, special occasions, jobs.

Some people like lists. Some people don't. Some people think that if you make a list you will rely on it and won't even try to remember thus, not excercising your brain. I think lists keep me more sane, and I get more sleep because I am not always trying to remember what I am forgetting!

So this is my excuse for not blog posting the last couple of days. I have been busy making lists, and filling lists. We are going camping tomorrow and will be camping for most of the month. So, my mind had been a little preoccupied 😊 Camping with a family this size is no small feat!!

So how about you. Are you a list person?

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