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November 29, 2018

DAY 26

 Today is the second last day of our family trip. This morning everybody woke up with happy faces but I only got pictures of a couple of them.
 This guy did not want to smile because we where watching a video. We where all relaxing today because we have 16 hours of none stop traveling tomorrow.

You may be wondering why this little guy is so happy its because we where going to the.........
I think Zach had the most fun of all. Here is an interesting game that we found at the play ground and everybody had lots of fun with it.

You press what music you want and how many people you want to play you could choose one or two players. After all this is done there is two colors green and red one person chooses one color the other person chooses the other color then you see who can hit there color the most times. It was very fun!!!!

After all this fun we got a LIMO!!!!! I got a picture of it here if is.
Its not a very big one but it was cool. The limo took us too..........
Josh and Rebeca recommended it to us. It was a very good. After this delicious lunch we went to the office where we played in the game center. Here are some pictures.
This is Max the grey Parrot he is very cute.
After playing games we played a round of minnie golf.

We had lots of fun today and we have enjoyed every minute of our trip and we happy but sad that it is over. So bear with me in theses hard times. I wont be putting any pictures tomorrow but I will put words.

November 28, 2018

DAY 25

 Today was day 25 of our family trip. This morning we woke up and walked about 1.7 miles to the Oklahoma City Zoo. I took lots of pictures of the animals. So here they are. I will try to name them all!

These are blue and yellow macaws. These are very beautiful creatures. Mikaya decided she wouldn't want one as a pet because they are too noisy :)

This is a wallaby. They are part of the kangaroo family. They are sooo cute.

These are Black Handed 
Spider Monkeys. 
They have very long arms.

This is a Squirrel Monkey. 
They are soooo tiny.

This is a Pink Flamingo. They are my favorite animal but only because they are pink :)

 These are Koi. 
They are very big.

 These are Lorikeets. We went inside their cage and they flew around us and some landed on us. And then there were some that were in a bad mood...they bit us!! But they are beautiful!

 This is an Anaconda. 
It is very big!!!

This is a rattlesnake. 
There were so many different kinds of snakes!

This is a normal porcupine.
This is the cutest animal there was. Isn't he a cutie 

This is Piper the cutest seal
 there ever was.

This is a Pygmy Hippo.
He wasn't very cooperative for pictures.

 This is a Siberian Tiger.

 These beautiful peacocks were running all over the place.

This is some kind of weasel.

This is a beautiful Snow Leopard.

 This is an Opossum.

 This is a Bison.
An American Bison to be exact.

 This is a Grizzly Bear.
He was huge!!

This is a very beautiful Cheetah.
This is a mini tortoise.
There were lots of monkeys and gorillas. They were fun to watch!!

This is a Komodo Dragon. He was big!!

 That is all the pictures I took. 

After this very fun adventure we went to MCDONALDS where we ate our supper. After supper we went back to the rv where we ended the day. 

Until tomorrow!!

November 27, 2018

Day 24

This is Rosalie. I am helping Brooke catch up :) Today we left Memphis around 9:00 a.m. It was a pretty normal drive full of games, reading, iPads and movies. About an hour before our destination we stopped at Walmart for groceries. It's always funny to watch people watch us. Every time we go to the store we hear comments like, "How many do you have?"  Or "Are the all yours?" Or my favorite is when only 4 or 5 kids are by my side and they go on to tell me they have this many too and how incredibly busy it is and that they have FOUR grandchildren...and how busy that is!! I don't ever have the heart to tell them how many are actually not with me at the moment!! And how many grandchildren I have (cause that pretty much makes their eyes pop out of their head!) And in the south a common saying is, "Well bless your heart!" And when they say that they say it with a look of "I'm glad it's you and not me!"  These comments used to bother me, being watched used to bother me.....but actually now when I hear "Bless your heart" I think...yes my heart is incredibly blessed...and I feel sad that you can't experience this blessing too! So even though my grocery shopping may look a bit chaotic, and I feel like everywhere I turn I bump into another child, or I get asked for the 50th time if they can put something in my cart....my heart melts when we get to the checkout and they all stumble over each other to help out. And every single time the cashier comments on what great helpers we have! And Mikey trumps them all.....he can't wait for the little turn table to bring the next bag to him! Its so cute to watch. Anyway.....wow....was that ever a rabbit trail!!

We got to Oklahoma City at around 4:00. Just enough time set up and walk around for a bit before supper. We still aren't used to the fact that it is gets dark so early in the evening...because it is still so warm outside!! At home when it is dark at 5:00 it's cold...so it seems right. Here it seems like there should still be so much daylight left...but there isn't!!

Here are a few pictures from today.

Before we left Mikey had to get daddy outside one more time to look at the barges! 
He loves being outside.

Jaden watching the movie. Its challenging to find a clear line of view with this many people in a little space!

Jesse and Mikey playing "memory".  

The fields were real wet for quite a few miles once we got into Oklahoma. Combines missed from one end to the other and there was water in most of the tracks. They were combining mostly soybeans.

And of course you can't pass by a beautiful church like this and not take a picture!! 

November 26, 2018

DAY 23

Today is day 23 of our family trip. I will not be able to post a lot because the internet is not very good where we are staying. This morning we left at about 9:00. We left our beloved campground this morning. We all tried to stay strong as we knew this would mean we were saying goodbye to Aubrey and Kerri.  We will miss them. But we put on our happy of faces :) We traveled for about 5 hours. We stopped near Memphis,TN. We have the Mississippi River right out our from door!! Here are some pictures of this beautiful campground.

November 25, 2018

DAY 22

Today was day 22 of our family trip. Today was lots of fun. The kids where happy and it all started with there VERY HAPPY FACES this morning!!!!!!! Of course as you might know I was blogging all morning but I still had some fun. Oh and here are some pictures of the VERY HAPPY FACES!!!!!!!!

This little cutie was very very happy today!!!!!! All morning everybody was very lazy. We watched videos all morning. It's sunday today so we all just wanted to relax It was a very relaxed day. We spent all our morning watching the one the only........

This is a very very funny show we love watching it. After sitting in side all day we went outside and stretched our leggs. The kids blew bubbles they had lots of bubbly fun here are some bubbly pictures.

After this fun Aubry and Kerri came over to have fun to. Aubry had lots of  bubbly fun to here are some pictures of the bubbly fun that Aubry had

After all this bubblieness everybody but me Kerri and my sister Mikaya went and played uno while the others played volley ball. I didn't get to take pictures of the volley ball game but I got some pictures of the uno game. And here they are :)
Well I got one picture but it was still fun. After all this excitement Aubry's mom and dad and his brother came over for supper. We had lots of fun I got one picture once again here it is.
Well we had lots of fun today but very sadly it was our last time to see Kerri until January. I 'am going to miss here but I must stay strong
:( And it is also our last night at this campground to so I don't know if I will be able to post tomorrow but we will see.