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February 25, 2006

Is Our House Busy?

Over the last little while people have commented on how busy our household must be. Well, when I started to think about this and really notice what is going on, I came to this conclusion......OUR HOUSEHOLD IS VERY BUSY! It just kind of grows on you. You get used to the busyness and it becomes a way of life. Quiet moments are very rare around here, unless we are praying, eating or something else that involves great concentration!! (Yes eating takes concentration around here, you have to plan every mouthful appropriately to be sure you get seconds!) But you know what, when I am up before everyone else gets up or I am in the house alone (which very rarely happens) then the house seems quiet, I enjoy it for awhile and then I welcome the hustle and bustle, music playing, people singing, laughing, playing, joking, babies cooing, toddlers learning to get out those really BIG sentences that are in their head and seem to come out of their mouth all wrong!, and all the other delightful things I hear in a day. Right now some are coloring, some are playing with toys, someone is playing piano, one is playing with baby Brooke, one is taking pictures, one is doing wash, one is working in the kitchen and as quickly as I write these things down, THEY CHANGE! Busy? Yes. People ask me if I ever just want peace and quiet? No, not really, yes I do admit there are times if I have a headache, talking on the phone or something, that I ask that the noise level be diminished a decibal or two, but usually it's something I enjoy. I love being a mom of many! Never a dull moment. "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord all the earth." Psalm 66:1

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