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May 30, 2006

The rest of the story...

Another owl update: On Friday I was working in the garden and I heard Zachary yelling "There's an owl in our sandbox!"
Right away I knew that an owlette had fallen out of the tree.
So I went over there and sure enough,
there was an owl in the sandbox.
He puffed up and made a
"clattering" sound with his beak.
Sounded kind of like when you click your teeth together. He was terribly intimidating,
but when I went to pick him up with gloves he didn't do anything.
We then realized his "clicking" was worse than his bite
and we all had a good look and feel of him.
Then we set him up on the playstructure hoping the mom
would come and find him in the night. Close to dark when the girls were jumping on the trampoline,
they spotted the other owlette on the ground close by.
He appeared to be a little older than the first one
and a little more 'testy'.
We caught him and put him on the playstructure with the other one.
And then went inside hoping that the parents
would find them by morning. The next morning we were happy to find that one owl was gone,
but the other one was still hanging around.
We were leaving for the day so we just left him on the grass. On Sunday morning he still hadn't left. We left for church and when we came home he was gone! So our owl adventure has come to an end. Face to face with
'little owlette'
Isn't he
Brooke & Owlette
being introduced UPDATE: Just as we were writing this post, Mark's mom came over and said
she had a visitor! GUESS WHO?
The owl is back.
So right now he is sitting on our deck watching everyone as they go by!
I guess we will put him out in the bush again tonight
and hope he either learns to fly or his parents start looking for him!

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jeremy and/or laura said...

wow! i'm amazed at God's creation.