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June 10, 2006

The Owl Episode Continues

So here's whats up with the owls. Last week when we thought our owl adventure had come to an end, the owlette's kept popping up all over the yard. We weren't sure what was happening with them. At the end of the week 2 of them had found each other and were cuddled under the boys treehouse. Every day they seem to move a little higher in the tree and get a little braver. And just when we were wondering if the mother was actually taking care of them, we saw she had left a dead rat for them. So we were happy to know she was actually feeding them, but not to happy where she left the food. On the platform of the boy's treehouse! In the words of Jennifer EEEEWWWWW!!! The next morning when we went out there, the rat was gone. So either the little owlette's ate it or some cat got a free meal. I have also noticed the mother hanging around on top of a really tall tree close by, but not too close, just keeping an eye on them. What's really interesting is we have friends who had a robin build a nest on their childrens tree house. She said they can't even play in it anymore because the robins swoop at them and pester them. And here we have a huge owl who doesn't bother us at all. So that proves that size doesn't always mean everything. Just a note of encouragement for all us vertically challenged people!!

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