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October 2, 2006


13 years ago at 1:00 am a blessing arrived in our family. She looked like a little eskimo with her chubby cheeks and fuzzy black hair. It was love at first sight. She was the perfect little baby, ate and slept, ate and slept. At one point I remember wondering if she was terribly ill with sleeping sickness or something she slept so much, but realized that she was just a very content little girl. When she was 2 she still looked like a little doll. Her speech was so cute. When you would ask her a 'yes' question she would say in the most adorable way, mmmhmmm! She was quite an emotional roller coster, up one second and down the next. Her little heart was so soft. She felt sorry for everybody, to the point of being upset at us for correcting her siblings. We had to work on that one. Today she is a responsible young lady. When mom wants something done efficiently and well she will call on Megan's organizational expertise. She still has a heart of compassion and her younger siblings, and they know who to go to when they need a shoulder. In her pass time she likes to do crafts and has a special knack at scrap booking. We look forward to having another teenager in our home and are eager to see what God has in store for Megan. Happy Birthday Megan! We love you!

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