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January 27, 2007


Our kitchen has been pretty cramped these days!
Our little male cooks have been very interested in the art of cooking,
and many times not 1, not 2, not even 3 but sometimes 4 little men are
learning the ins and outs.
My girls have been having some 'character building' in this as sometimes
they can hardly move and are tempted to kick them out of the kitchen.
I remember having to learn this as a new mom, it may be slower,
it may be inconvenient, but hey, they are learning!
I still have trouble myself somedays, remembering this very important
thing: If we train them now, someday they may be doing it themselves!
Maybe we will have 4 little chefs, I highly doubt it, but hey, one can dream!
But this is one of the many upsides to our girls being raised in a family with many little siblings. They are learning so much about having little ones around, that took me months or even years to learn. They will be so used to having little ones under feet that it will be second nature to them!
All this to say, "Praise God for family: a safe environment to learn so many things"

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