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January 2, 2010


The day you were born started many firsts for us.
Our first time being a parent.
Our first time for being solely responsible for a little life.
Our first time being blessed with such amazing gift from God.

As the years went by God added other gifts to our family.
But our firsts with you still continued

We were grateful that we had God's Word to guide us along the way.
Not that we did everything perfectly, because we didn't, but when we look
back we realize that it was only His grace and wisdom that got us through those "firsts."

And this year the firsts kept coming. You were our first child to get married.
And now the tradition continues as Andrew joined our family and became ouir first grandchild.

I look at some of your younger brother and sisters now and can't believe that as quickly as you grew up, they will too. How time flies. I remember dreaming of the day that you, Lord willing, would have your first child.  I thought is was a long time away. People told us to enjoy you while you were young, because before we knew it, you would be all grown up. And you were.

But I am happy to say that I can enjoy you just as much now as I did then. Even though the situation has greatly changed, you are still our son, and it still is a joy to be around you.

I am so proud of you and the husband and father that you have become. And I pray that as your little family grows, and you go through many firsts with Andy, that you too will cherish the days, because we know they are so short. And we pray that as he grows up, that you will be able to enjoy watching him grow into a Godly young man as we have been able to watch you.

We love you Josh. Happy Birthday and may God bless you this year as you continue to serve Him.

Love Mom


Cinnamon said...

Very sweet!

Happy Birthday Joshua~


The Mayo Family said...

Dear Joshua,
What a wonderful example you are to many others!
May God bless you as you serve Him...
I think you are special as well for sharing my birthday! Only a couple decades apart! Ha! I know that your parents are blessed to have you!
Our family continues to pray for you, Becky, and sweet lil' Andy!
Hope your day was wonderful!
Mr Mayo (Roger)

Rebecca Pauls said...

Thank you Mom Dad and all the rest of my dear family-in-law for sharing your son and brother with me and for raising such a wonderful young man! I am so blessed to be his wife and to be part of your family! We love you all!