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August 27, 2010

The Creative 4-Some

When Josh was younger, Mark and him started to build a treehouse.
Well they got as far as the floor and then things got busy and.....well you know.
So the treehouse stood...more like a platform for many years.

This year the 4-some decided enough was enough and that they were going to put some walls and a roof on. They asked Mark for some materials and away they went.

They spent hours, day after day, measuring, cutting and pounding.

I have to admit that I never even went out there to see what they were creating the whole time.
I was just glad that they had a project that they were working together on and that it was using up some of their boyish energy :)

Finally one day the announcement was made. THEY WERE FINSIHED!!!

So they asked me to come and see it...and I did. Now you have to understand that I really wasn't expecting much. I mean really....they did it all on their own, they have never done something like this on their own... So I expected a few rickety walls and secretly hoped that it wouldn't fall down on them.

But when I went to see their creation....I was shocked! What I saw was nothing like what I imagined. It was sturdy, relatively straight and looked REALLY GOOD! (I really shouldn't have been surprised, because they have a Daddy who has amazing carpentry skills!)

So here's to my little 4-some and their creation.....(regretfully 2 of the 4-some were not there when we took these pictures...but they pulled their fair share of the work)

One of the carpenters

Having lunch on the roof


Look way up!


The foreman


Picturesque window view


Inside the humble abode


Way of escape


View from the other side


So now I've been thinking....
Maybe they can build Mark and I a house someday :) By then they will have 2 more to join the ranks!!!


Shelby said...

good night! that's good.

Rebecca Pauls said...

Great job boys!! i went to look at it awhile ago and it's really good!! I am sure Andy will be asking to play in there some day.

Kaitlin said...

Hahaha! I remember that platform! Looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

I love it, it looks so fun. Tree houses have always been one of my favorite things. You guys did an amazing job on it!