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November 27, 2010

Home Again!

As the saying goes.....home sweet home :)
After an amazing trip to Tennessee we are happy to say we made it back safe and sound.
I feel like it went so fast....

When Mark and I were on our last day travel we were saying that if it weren't for Josh, Becca and Andy, we wouldn't be anxious at all to get home. This was really a first for us. Usually after a couple of weeks of travel, living out of suitcases, not sleeping in our beds....we are more than ready to go home. But this time was different. Maybe it was because of the time of year it was, knowing that it was a slack on the farm. Maybe it was because we knew things were well taken care of, thanks to Josh and Rebecca. Maybe it was because of our amazing friends, the Muncks who gave us such a warm, exciting, adventurous  and comfortable stay, but mostly I think it was because of our amazing children who were such great travellers, who pulled together and helped out to make this trip so fun! Even though Jaden hated travelling (really, I am not exaggerating...he cried lots...) the miles still brought lots of smiles!

Family times are great......just being together was great! We are so glad we took this trip!

So now it's back to the farm. We spent the last couple of days unpacking the van, putting stuff away, doing laundry and getting organized. Really.....I have NO IDEA how we fit all of that stuff into the van. I do know it took a good 5 minutes to get everyone in because they had to climb over luggage in a one by one fashion. But as I have said before, my husband is the master of "I CAN FIT IT IN!" and I am proud to say that once again he was right :) 13 people, all their luggage and traveling gear for 2 weeks all fit into a 15 passenger van. Up until this trip we have been able to take at least one seat out to make more room, but since the blessing of Jaden being added to our crew we can no longer do that! I think it's almost time for a bus!

If you want some pictures of our journey go to Megan or Jennifer's blogs. They are doing a great job of giving an overview....so I won't be redundant. Plus, I don't have the time right now!

They newest news on the farm? Over the last little while we have built a new, improved, larger skating rink. So soon the guys will do the first flood soon. And before you know it will be hockey at the Pauls' farm once again. Everyone is very excited to say the least.  It makes the cold winter all worth while! :) So if you live in the area and like to play hockey.....come on down once the rink is finished! We'd love to have you :)


Amanda Hamm said...

Glad your trip was so wonderful and that everyone was safe! Your family truely is an inspriation, thanks for everything you do. Can't wait to see all the pictures of hockey :)

Shelby said...

so glad ya'll had a fun trip and made it back good. =)

Mrs. Stam said...

Welcome back home:-) Glad you enjoyed your trip :-)

The Munck Family said...

Yep....we had loads of fun with you!!! Glad you could make it down to visit us, and that you left the farm in such good hands. Yes, the van was stuffed, the girls did do an amazing job getting it all in. Enjoy your rink and the snow!
Love, Laura

Teena said...

How fun, to travel and spend time together.... I would love to meet some of the large families out and about. We are not very common here in our little rural area.

May you be blessed as you settle back into home....