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February 24, 2011

One of my Least Favorite Things.....

I am not typically a procrastinator, but there is one thing in parenting that I always procrastinate on. Well except with our first child that is. Nope, with him I enthusiastically dove in. Only to realize a little while later that I had no idea what I was getting into. Or how frustrated and impatient I would get.

This is a topic that people think I should be an expert on. And I get asked many times for advice on how to successfully accomplish this task. Sure I have learned a few tricks over the years, but an expert I am definitely NOT!

Everytime we have a child that is getting on in age....well around 2 anyway! I recognize the need to train this child to do his/her job on the potty. POTTY TRAINING....uggghhhh, just saying it makes me quiver :)

So anyway, that is the stage we are at now with Josiah. I am trying to go into it with a good attitude. I am hopeful that he will be one of those children who catch on easy, hate messing his pants, and will be potty trained in a record time. But I know just as well, that he may take awhile to catch on, that messing in his pants won't phase him one bit, and that it might indeed make records, but not the kind I want!

But I guess I have learned a few tricks over my last years of potty training and I thought I might share a few with you. Cause chances are, if you have kids and they aren't potty trained, that it will be happening sometime in the future. Like I said, I am far from an expert, but I have learned a thing or two after potty training 10 children!!!!!!

1. While potty training your child, ALWAYS wear a hat. That way when you feel like pulling your hair out...you CAN'T!!!

2. If the potty trainee is a boy, one of those little guard thingys on the potty is a must or you might end up with a puddle.

3. Talking about puddles, wear shoes or bare feet at all times. Socks are not recommended....cause they might end up a little soggy.

4. If your a busy mom, like we all are, a timer will be a neccessity because a couple of hours seem only like a few minutes....and believe me, tiny bladders explode after  a couple of hours.

5. Cover all non waterproof sitting places. Even if you have never seem your child sit on "that" nonwaterproof chair before in his/her little life, you can be sure that is where he/she will be sitting when he/she has an accident! Trust me, I know......Why else do you think that we have mostly leather furniture? :)

6. Don't feed your child an abundance of raisins, peas or prunes while potty training......the less runny it is .....the better.

7. Being physically fit is a asset.....wear clothes that are easy to sprint in.....cause when the little trainee's face starts to turn red, you will have to leap over chairs, toys and small buildings to get your child to the potty in time!

8. Many books, and lots of siblings around to read them are helpful.

9. Smarties or M&M's are the best incentive. They are small and don't have much sugar, but are yummy enough to keep them coming back for more. And make sure you have extra on hand because chocolate is good for stress!

10. Rubber gloves are not necessary, but nice!

11. If all is quiet with little trainee and he/she is nowhere to be found....WORRY!

12. Lots of yelling, cheering and celebrating are a must and high fives all around (could take awhile in a large family!)

10. When your child is fully potty trained you will feel a great sense of accomplishment and realize that   all the consistency, patience and perseverance was well worth it! And be encouraged that, unlike most of the other training, this should only have to be done once in your child's life :)

I know there are other potty trainers out there. 
What advice do you have about potty training?


Mrs. Stam said...

Love this post!!!!

I have only on trained little goose, the younger 2 still in diapers. I waited until she was about 3, made her clean her accidents and within 3 days she was trained, maybe asking her to do laundry at 3 was a bit much but she learn fast how to go in the potty and not in her bed lol!!!!

Hollinger Family said...

I can only smile cuz our youngest just got potty trained last week. =)
We too, used candy (those pastel dinner mints) for pee-pee trips, and (permanent markers) stars on his hand for the big job. =)

Derek & Jo said...

AHHH...I feel like all we ever talk about is poop at our house right now!!! I'm DEFINITELY not an expert...it feels like it will never end!!!

Dianna said...

Well with my kids so far i start potty training @ 2 1/2 years. I'm a big believer in waiting for that age cause really it is less stressful when they r even half a year older. It won;t [at least with mine ] take u week by the time the week is over u have them trained. I even throw cherrios in the toilet bowl and they try to spray them [for the boys] makes it interesting and fun for them then u reward them if they manage to spray one. Reading to them while they r on the potty or even putting on one of their fav veggie tales or toddler tunes. Anyhow that is what works on our household.

Laura said...

This post made me laugh, because I usually detest potty training too! I'm just finishing up with Noah (turned two a few months ago), and this is the first time I've actually sort of enjoyed it. He learned fast...much faster than his older brother. I'm very grateful. :) We use M&Ms too.