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August 24, 2011


Jaden is just like his mama!
He looks forward the same thing as me every evening.....POPCORN!!!
As soon as he hears the popcorn popping he drops whatever he is doing, runs to the popcorn maker and makes sure he gets a few kernels!!
Here is a cute video Meg put together of how he says popcorn....ENJOY!


mommyx12 said...

Hilarious. He is too cute.

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Love the "different" voices of saying it.
I too love popcorn...yummy!
Take care,
Mommy 2(Nancy)

Anonymous said...

That is soooooooo cute! What a sweetie. . . I love his deep voice!
-Jordie + Janae

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

:) Thats great!!

Anonymous said...

That is really cute! He is ADORABLE!!

Baby Blessings said...

That was hysterical!!! McKenzie and I just had a good laugh! :o)