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September 2, 2011

Bin the 2nd

As if harvest season isn't busy enough we decided to put up 2 huge grain bins this season!
We were hoping to put them up when it wasn't so busy, and thinking harvest would be a little later this year because of the later start we had in seeding we concentrated on other important projects...well, as always, farming is full of surprises! Harvest came like a whirlwind and so....we had to juggle busy times with BUSIER TIMES!!!!

So when we were able to break from harvest, we worked like silly to put up  bins!
The first bin I have no pictures or video from. I realized how sad that was and so for the second bin I made sure I got some good footage! I had to sneak away, and it didn't take long before I was being called back, but at least I was able to get some memories on tape! For the parts that are missing...sorry, but I just couldn't sneak away!

And just because I like to share everything (well almost :) with my blog readers, here is a shorter version of the footage I took (Megan was kind enough to put this together the way I wanted it...thanks Meg!)

Enjoy! And if I left anything out that you are curious about, please ask! I don't always think to explain things because.....well, they are just normal to me :)


Sharon said...

Wow! This was so helpful (and fun to watch). I had no idea how these were made. Why is there a square depression in the concrete in a round building?
Thanks for sharing this video.

Anonymous said...

Hello Family!

I loved the video! Of course Joey is wearing our color:) Thanks for giving us an insight;) Hopefully we can see it in real life soon!

Love to all!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Never new how they were done.

Thanks for the video.

Carlene a faithful reader in Pennsylvania

The Munck Family said...

OK!!! I loved this video, great job!!! BUT..it made me so SAD!!! I miss ya'll oh so very much, and love each one of you. And to hear your voices, music to my ears! Way to go Joey in your Tennessee jacket :)

Love to each of you and job well done on the bin!