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October 27, 2011

Last One!

Today we celebrate our last birthday for the month!
It's been a whirlwind month with all the projects and birthdays, but it has been such a joy to celebrate the birth of each of these who were born in October!

It's Caleb's 13th birthday today!
It kind of sneaks up on you...you know.
One day they are a tiny little baby in your arms....
And in what seems like a blink of an eye you couldn't carry them anymore even if you tried :)

When I think of the qualities and character I appreciate in Caleb the thing that stands out most in my mind is his quiet spirit. He is really a pretty quiet guy all around, but there's just something about his spirit that is so gentle and quiet.

He is also an amazing big brother and his siblings love to hang around him. Especially his little baby brother Jaden.....as soon as Jaden sees him, his eyes light up and he lifts up his little arms! And Caleb will always pick ihim up! I can hardly wait to watch the love he will pour on his newest sibling due in March!

Caleb is also very creative, and when he isn't making something, he is dreaming up how to make something! He likes to work with his hands...especially with wood.

He drove the combine for the first time this year and as soon as I saw how well he did, I knew that I could relax. You see, I was his trainer! Sometimes training can be a little of a hair pulling experience. But not with Caleb, he got stuff right away and as the season went on he became a pro!

He really likes sports, and especially likes to play football or hockey with his family. He is often found begging his little brothers to play some kind of sport with him!

Caleb, I really can't tell you in words how proud I am of you. You are growing into a wonderful young man and I look forward to seeing how you grow in Jesus. Your life reflects Him in so many ways. We love you Caleb....Happy Birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!
I hope you had a great one.

Love, Elizabeth