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January 28, 2012

Updates :)

When I started this blog a few years ago I decided that I wouldn't blog unless I had something worth saying. I wasn't about to write a blog post just "because" or in order to keep my readers. Often my posts have come as a passion burning in my heart, I sit down at the computer to write and within a few minutes I have it published. But lately this hasn't been the case....so I haven't blogged much. And I also decided I wouldn't let blogging get in the way of caring for my family. If I was too busy....the posts would have to wait.

Well my lack of posts in the last few months have been because of these reasons exactly. I haven't had a lot of those "I just have to share this" moments lately. And I have also been too busy to blog!

But today I thought I would take a few moments to give an update of our lives :)

My last post was about the changes that have been taking place in our life when our 3rd child, Megan got engaged. Well since then we have set a wedding date and are now BUSY making plans!!! Henry and Megan's wedding has been set for Mar. 3rd. This is a real exciting time for all of us and we are having a lot of fun! So far the invitations are made, the bridesmaid dresses are in the making, the church has been booked, the meal has been planned.....and the list goes on :) It's always nice to check things off the list as we get it done!

Henry bought a house a couple of months ago and so our family has been helping him renovate it and get it ready for them to move in after they are married. That's also been a big job that has taken time but it has been so great to be able to pitch in where we can as a family! Things go a lot faster with lots of helpers!

We also had a quick visit with our Tennessee friends, the Munck's, when they came to visit us this past week. It was so great to see each other face to face again and catch up on all the little details of our life. It was hard to say good-bye, but we look forward to seeing them again....hopefully sooner than later!

Today marks 33 weeks of my pregnancy. My blood pressure has been great, and my blood sugar as well so that has been an answer to prayer. Baby is still growing and kicking and letting mama know it's in there! We did have an ultra sound last week because I was measuring a little bigger than I should have been. Of course ultra sounds are not very accurate at this stage in pregnancy so I am not sure it helped out much. The tech said that the dates can be off 3 weeks (give or take) and off almost a pound (give or take) so it's no use going by the info we got! But for the record I was 35 weeks and baby was 5 lbs. 6 oz. So we'll see how far off that actually is! I guess OUR goal is that the baby will stay put until the wedding is over. I don't care if I go into labor that night.....but please Lord, not before :) But in my heart I know that God's timing is perfect and we will rejoice with whatever time He chooses! I have never been earlier than a couple of days before (except for the times I was induced) so I am not too worried :)

We are also teaching a parenting class this winter so that has been a lot of fun! We have a great group of parents that are so eager to put into practice the things they are learning. And of course, as always, we are learning right along with them! It is always refreshing to go through this course and to encourage other parents that it is possible to have children that you can enjoy parenting!

And other than this, it's been the regular everyday routine of life in a large family. I am noticing as I get older that my brain gets tired quicker than my body somedays! Of course now we have every stage in our family, married, engaged, adult, teens, adolescence, children, toddlers and soon to be infant, so there's a lot to keep up with. Yup, life is full :) But we love it!!!!

And that is my update for today. Hope your weekend is going well!


The Munck Family said...

Oh sweet friend ...WE so enjoyed our visit!!!! Fast but well worth it, with memories made to last a lifetime!

I'm so excited about Baby 13, Meg and Henry's wedding ...and all the neat things the Lord is doing in your family!
We love you all!

Rose said...

Very thankful with you that you are healthy in your pregnancy! So much excitement in your family to be celebrated!

mommyx12 said...

I'm so glad you all are well and the pregnancy is going great! And as a side note, I think a wedding on March 3rd. is GREAT! Could be that that's because it's my birthday!

Glad you had a good time with the Muncks. Must have been a lot of crazy fun! Take care,


Anonymous said...

wedding and baby, oh my, life is good eh? love the update. =)
blessings, Sheri

Dustine said...

So great to read of these exciting updates in your family. I appreciate the time you've put into this blog, sharing your experiences and family life is an encouragement to me. :)

Baby Blessings said...

You do have a lot going on! I will pray that your baby waits until after the wedding! :o)