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June 18, 2012

This is My Desire

Yesterday in church our Pastor gave a real challenging message. It was about maintaining our desire for God. He shared how it can be so easy to let the "stuff" of this world take away from the time that we need to spend with God. We have so many "things" at our fingertips which aren't necessarily bad in themselves, but they can eat up the time and energy that we should be spending with our Heavenly Father.

 One thing that really got me thinking was when he asked what kind of a relationship we would have with our earthly father if we only spent a couple hours a week with him on Sunday morning. In order to develop a relationship with someone, we need to spend time with them, to get to know them. It is the same with God, to get to know Him we need to spend time communing with Him in prayer and reading His Word.

 This made me think of our own children and what happens every busy season on the farm. When we are in seeding or harvest mode, Mark is in the field from early morning to late night. If the kids see him during the day it is only for a few brief moments. There are some of our children who will go with Mark in the field because they like to be in the tractor. But for the ones who would rather be at home, it doesn't take too many days of Mark being gone all day before they want to spend time with him in the tractor. This isn't because they like to be in the field, it's because they miss their Daddy. And it has happened time and time again that as the busy seasons goes on and they don't see their Daddy but for a few minutes a day, that their desires to be with their Daddy becomes stronger than all the things they like to do when they are at home. They will choose to spend hours and hours in the tractor just to be with their Daddy. We always chuckle because by the end of the season Mark's cab is so full of kids it's comical!

 I compared this with my desire for God. Is my desire for Him so deep that when I haven't spent time with Him I just long to be with Him? So much that I will put aside all the things I love to do just to spend time talking to Him and getting to know Him more. I want to have a relationship like that with my Heavenly Father.

 Where is your desire today? Is it for God? Have you been spending time with the One Who wants a relationship with you? Do you desire Him so much that you can hardly wait until the next time you can commune with Him?

 Here is one of my favorite songs which tells of a deep longing and desire to spend time with the One Who loves me most.


Unknown said...

Great Blog, totally my heart too! Sherri

Anonymous said...

I find that the more chaotic my day becomes, the more crucial it becomes to just pause (be still)and be with the one who gets me through the day. That loving father who gives guidance, strength, and encouragement that my earthly father(s) never did.
Love that song...

Mrs. Pauls said...

Hi Rosalie, that wasn't Mike and I flying over, it was actually Beth and Jamie. We all got to go for a ride. :)

(I thought I'd reply to your comment here, or you might never know the answer!)

The Coopers said...

Where have I been??? I've missed so much...a new grandbaby, a new baby, and a new son-in-law!! Oh I hate I haven't been by for a visit..life here has been just as crazy tho..no new babies :( but new moves and moving backs..and a new son-in-law to be! Praying all is well with your family!!