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November 14, 2012

Life Updates

Wow!!! It's been awhile since we have given an update of what's going on around here!!!

So, here it goes :)

Well as you have probably guessed, harvest is wrapped up...and all the field work is done too :) Just in time because the day after we finished our field work it got wet and hasn't dried properly since then!!

I wrote a post here about the challenging times we had over the summer. God taught us a lot through this as we were reminded once again that our hope is in the Lord. Without Him we can do nothing. He owns all of us and all that we have is His. Most of the crops ended up surprisingly good after what they had been through. Some of the crops did very poorly. But the grain prices have been very good and so taking this into consideration it looks like we may end up with a close to average year. We are so thankful to a God who supplies our every need!

News?  Josh and Rebecca are expecting baby #3 in April. We are all very excited :) So as we speak the men are working on an addition to their home. At the present they have only two bedrooms...one being very tiny....so they decided to add two more bedrooms. So that has been the project for the last couple of weeks. It was a rush to get the frame up and it closed in and get it shingled before the cold weather hit! But we got it too that point and now even though it's COLD...the work can be done undercover!

The produce from the garden is all canned, frozen and brought in....and a lot of it has been eaten :) Everything did pretty well this year. Cucumbers did the best and carrots did the worst. It's amazing to me how every year is different. I am so thankful for the few short months we have to eat fresh fruit and vegetables and I already can hardly wait for next years fresh produce. I say this after I just cut up a store bought cucumber for a salad....just NOT the same...nope...not even close!!!

We started back to the bookwork part of our homeschooling back in September. So far so good. It took us a little while to get a good schedule going, but I think we have it figured. That is until something changes....and it always does. But for now I will enjoy our routine!!! This year we have 6 students. Jen teaches Caleb and Zach and I have the rest. The beauty of homeschooling is the flexibility. The flexibility of motivated kids who wake up at 6:00 to start school and are done 3/4 of it by 8:00. The flexibility of taking a day off for a birthday. The flexibility of taking a day trip when others have to be in school. The flexibility of snuggling and reading a book together. The flexibility of putting everything aside and learning about something that has peaked our interest. The flexibility of going for a picnic and nature walk (see here and here), the flexibility of making a cookie map, the flexibility of making a ziggurat in the snow. The flexibility of helping put an addition on a house....and the list goes on :) But you get the point!

We started another parenting class last week. We are again very excited about the group we have this year. They all have younger children and out of the 5 couples, 3 of them are expecting!!! Also a first for us, Josh and Rebecca are in our class this year. What a privilege to be able to pass this on to the next generation. Hopefully someday they will be able to lead a class too :)

Oh ya, and as of Saturday....IT'S WINTER!!!! What a change from last year when we were wondering if we would have any substantial amount of snow for Christmas! It feels like January as we now have over a foot of snow! The kids love it. They are playing a lot more outside now. There is always that awkward time in late fall when it's too cold to play on the trampoline, play sports, or have water fights :) but yet there is no snow. So they alway like it when the snow comes and are anxiously awaiting for the skating rink to get started.

And I realize I haven't given an update on this little man for awhile! Elijah is 8 months old now. One word sums him all up....ENERGETIC! Ever since he was just little he can't keep still.When he was in his car seat he would move his feet like he was running...fast! It was hilarious! Now he is pulling himself all around the house...on his belly. He can get into crawling position and is often found in the "push up" position, and can pull himself up on thing right from his tummy (he is going to have a very "in-shape" upper body :) He can sign 'please', and 'all done' and can make many "noises" on command. Right now his daddy is trying to teach him that when he tickles his feet he should say "Ha, ha, ha!" in a very manly voice.  He's getting it :) He also likes to clap and play pat-a-cake and any time someone plays the piano he tries his best to get as close as he can.

AND....all day he is smothered with hugs and kisses....just cause he's so cute :)

I think that about wraps it up. Did I miss anything???


Leanne said...

I love it when you post!!!

I loved this post. It is our dream to live out in the country and farm the land...and it was so beautiful to read that God has blessed you so abundantly because you honor and fear Him! I love to see you taking Biblical dominion over the land and reaping such a bountiful harvest!

And yes indeed, nothing on earth compares to fresh, just picked, sun warmed garden produce!!

The snow picture looked like a wonderland.

Baby is SOOOOO nummy!!!! How can you get anything done during the day?? I'd be snuggling and kissing and loving on him constantly all day!

If we lived in your neck of the woods I would SO be at your parenting class! Thank you for passing on God's wisdom!

So,keep the updates coming.

D├ębora said...

Yes love your updates too.

Baby Blessings said...

I haven't read blogs in a while. That was a fun post! I like when people blog about their day to day lives.... :o) The snow looks so beautiful! I know it is a long cold winter there, but it is so pretty!