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January 30, 2013

To Complain or Not to Complain

Our family has been very sick over the last little while. We have had many viruses hit our home already this winter, but this one takes the cake!!! This virus is a mega virus! It wiped everyone right out for a few days (and still has some in it's clutches!) Thankfully we are starting to see some improvements. And thankfully I have been saved from this virus....only by the Lord's grace!

As you mom's know, being a caretaker of sick kids can be draining. Being up in the night with the babies and then having to take care of everyone during the day takes a lot out of you. One would find it easy to complain.

I think I have shared this before, but once when we had a newborn and I was up in the night for the upteenth time with him, my flesh wanted to complain. But then God reminded me of a friend of mine who had just had a baby as well and because of various complications, her baby had to stay in the hospital while she went home to her family. She had to drive in to the city to see her baby. As I held my little guy I was filled with such gratefulness that I was able to have my little guy home and had the privilege of cuddling him, even in the wee hours of the morning. My perspective changed.....my circumstances didn't. And that perspective has stayed with me. Every time I am up in the night with a sick child or an unsettled baby, I think of  truly blessed I am to have children to hold and cuddle.

This winter it seems I have had plenty of opportunity to chose to complain or rejoice. Granted it's not easy when our children are sick, but does that really give us an excuse to complain? Well not if we read God's word....the words that I say to my children many times over in their life time. "Do all things without complaining or disputing." Phil. 2:4  I don't see a special clause in there for mother's of sick children...do you? Or how about this one, "Rejoice in The Lord always." Phil. 4:4  And if it wasn't enough to say it once, it goes on to say, "And again I say rejoice!" Again, no special footnotes for a mom who has had a sleepless night!

Really, why do I complain anyway? Complaining makes me feel more crumby and more dissatisfied with my circumstances. It's for my good to folllow God's commands to rejoice and not complain.....this is when I will experience true joy!


Anonymous said...


well said.


Baby Blessings said...

Very true....
Your baby is a doll! Looks like Megan. :)