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September 5, 2013


Mother of 13 and never a complaint.

The best role model EVER.
Our hero.


Clothed in strength and honour.
She loves everyone, and everyone loves her
Her husband, home and her children are her love. 

We rise up and call her blessed because she blesses us much every day.

Happy Birthday Mom!
We love YOU!!!
Love: Your kiddoes

I know that there are many, many people out there who have been blessed in some way by our mom. 
Today is her birthday.
If she has touched your life in some way whether it be words spoken, a smile given or just by her living example... let her know. 
Please help us celebrate her by giving her some love. 


Marie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!! You are quite an inspiration to me!!!

Stacey said...

Rosalie, you such an example of how a wife and mother should serve her family. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

Teena said...

what a wonderful way to honor your mom today. It warms my heart.

Happy Birthday!!!! Thanks for always encouraging.... always pointing me to Jesus.

Much love,

Marcy said...

What a sweet post! Happy Birthday!

Missy said...

Happy birthday to you ,Rosalie! You have encouraged and inspired me as a mother. Thank you

Laura said...

What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday, Rosalie! You inspire me and I am grateful for your godly example!

Leanne said...

Rosalie! Happy birthday!

I loved this post, it was SO sweet of your kids to hijack your blog and write a tribute to you!

And I want to say also that I'm so so SO sorry about Baby. May the ache in your heart be comforted by the Comforter...I'm so sorry I didn't get to my blogs that I read before this, I've just been so tired lately....but I want you to know I'm praying for you.

Mrs. Pauls said...

A harvest birthday! I hope you get to have cake and a party anyways. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

You have been a blessing to me over the years. Quietly, for the most part, following along. You inspire and encourage just by being you. May God's blessing pour out upon you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rosalie :)
Another quiet follower here, just letting you know that I am blessed by your blog and your obedience to the Lord. Lord bless you on your birthday, have a wonderful year!
Merla Hooper

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rosalie!!!
You have been a wonderful inspiration to me over the years. I have also been a quiet follower, but truly been blessed by your Godly example! I'd also like to say you look great to think you carried 14? babies! It's an inspiration to see you in these pictures.
~Carolyn Rissler