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September 17, 2014

Camping Adventures Summer 2014

Here is a story/update for you. 
Most of the facts are, well, facts....some of my story is, well, fiction :)

A few weeks ago Mikaya gave me this look.....
Now this look can mean many things.
So as a mom, I had to determine a few things.
Did it mean...Mom, I need to ask you a question?
Did it mean...Mom why is Jennifer taking my picture?
Or did it mean....Mom, don't you think it's about time we go camping?

And after consulting Kerri....she smiled, so we figured that must mean it was about time to take our first camping trip of the summer!!!

So in true Pauls family fashion we:
decided to go camping
check over this big boy
packed up this big boy
gave instructions to the ones at home left to do chores (thanks Becca:)
washed our faces and feet
all within a few short hours

Now let me interrupt this story to give you one word of what life is like 
when we achieve a feat like this....

But once we were on the road all the craziness was soon forgotten 
and we set out to enjoy our family time together.

As soon as we got there Caleb tried his hand at putting up the tent.

Of course Jaden was there to give moral support.

And Elijah was practicing the act of walking on his hands!
A much needed skill while camping!

But after awhile the boys got tired of the slow pace and left Caleb all by himself.

So he pounded in pegs with....a log????

Oh look, here's Zach! He's come to the rescue!! 
And of course Jaden came back to inspect. 
I think he was thinking, "They are doing it all wrong!"

Many hands makes a tent pole stay up!

Of course, having your big sister on the sidelines bossing you around  
cheering you on, always helps!


Almost there boys!

Next on the list was sweeping off the picnic table...
cause that's how we do things?

It wasn't long before we tried out fishing. 
I used to fish a lot when I was little but haven't in years so it felt like we were both learning!
Don't we look pretty professional though? (this is where you nod your head!)

Cast away!

And what's fishing without some sweet kiddos sitting on the sidelines encouraging us on!

On a side note....we are pretty sure we can physically see him growing!
He will soon be the tallest member of our family!

Joey is good at observing and learning.
Here he is practicing that skill!

Obviously we don't have enough fishing rods for everyone.
This was a "have patience" moment!

You fish on this side, I'll fish on the other side!


Hey! I caught something....

Oh here's a fish!!! 
Isn't he just the cutest little thing?

Sadly he was too little so we threw him back.

1 minnow, 2 minnow, 3 minnow, 4.....
Soon the ones without rods were kept busy catching minnows.

Even though we didn't catch much the boys loved their fishing time. 
They spent every spare moment they had out there.

Campfires....must be one of the best family bonding times.
Silly stories told, even sillier songs sung!
Not to mention yummy food eaten!

I think he is thinking about how yummy that smore is going to taste!

And then there was this girl that wore pink!
Who loved to wear pink actually.

And then there was a boy with a bug in a blue cup.
He was pretty proud of it and it entertained him for quite some time!

And there was this girl who spends the most of her days 
singing, listening to music, playing piano, or singing :)
Everyone needs one of these folk in their home.
When I got married my mom was so sad that I was leaving 
because she was losing her "canary" as she fondly called me. 
I didn't understand then...now I do. 

What a joy and peace fills your heart when you hear music all day long
as long as it's not too loud....
right Kerri???

And then the little boy decided, "As long as I have wheels under me, I am happy. 
And so he rode his bike all day long.

Of course now the tent was all put up so all advice was given, 
so now it was time to ask questions. 
And this is what he does all day long! 
Usually followed by a thoughtful "ohhhhh" when you give him the answer!

And the man and wife....
the team....
cooked up the chicken....
because the tummies were hungry.

And this little boy thought that was just fine.

While this little boy watch on in silence and learned how to wait patiently
 when you are very, very hungry.

Since the days were cool and they couldn't go in the water, 
the family enjoyed some more time fishing, soaking up the sun and catching minnows. 
They were hoping to catch some fish for their supper....
but nothing like that happened :(

So they made the best of it and played with the little minnows in the pail. 

This little guy figured between wheels and swings, he had it made!

And then it was time to play some catch. 

Interesting technique!

I got you ball...you are not going to get away on me!

The sweep.

Of course big boys can't just swing...
they have to jump and stuff 
and threaten to break bones!

Look mom...I can fly!

This family can never do a camping trip without doing lots and lots of hiking.
There's something so peaceful about 
the trails, the singing birds....
the kids saying they are tired,
the mosquitoes buzzing in your ear :)

This hike led them to a new fishing spot!
They thought surely they would catch their supper here!

So they fished...
And they caught minnows...
And they played in the water...

And they sat and avoided falling off the "cliff"!

When they caught no fish there, 
they decided to walk to the dam.

And tried again...
And again...
And again.

And even though, once again, no fish were caught,
they took in the beauty that was all around them.

And spent some time cuddling.

While papa was determined to catch some supper.

While others got "just their feet wet" :)

And some watched the waterfall 
thinking how fun it would be to go under it 
but knowing that it would be difficult to get only "feet wet" 
so he decided otherwise!

Then the family returned back to the campsite with empty hands...
but full hearts!!
So to get rid of the fishing blues they sang some more!

And stared into the campfire...
Dreaming of the fish they would catch tomorrow!

And sang more silly songs!

And took upside down pictures of people's nose hairs.

And smiled....a goofy type smile.

And even though no fish were caught, 
there was still lots of food to be eaten.

So they ate.

And ate.

And fed the ground squirrels.
This particular one was kind of picky....
he only wanted macaroni!

So he too had his fill.

"Please, feed me more," he said.
"I am wasting away here in the wild."

The three musketeers enjoying some dinner conversation.
Cute little toes :)

And even more adorable faces!

And this brings us to the end of the photos of our camping adventure.
Again, great memories made.
And even though we never caught a fish we could put on the fire...
It was still a success.
Family times like this are greatly treasured.
We will never have these moments back again.
Life goes by so fast.
So we must take the time to enjoy each other while we have the chance.
And treat each day as a gift.

NOTE: The reason one of our family members isn't in any of the pictures...
AKA Jennifer...
Is because she sacrificed her whole time behind the camera 
so we could capture these wonderful memories. 
Thanks Jen!

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