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January 28, 2006


by Joshua Pauls (based on Wilfred Grenfell's biography) Wilfred Grenfell was once a little English boy; He was always exploring and for some reason that gave him much joy. When he grew up he loved to work on ships; He even became a doctor and could now operate on people's hips. He decided to become a missionary, and a very strange one to; Because he would ride on ships and help people that should see a doctor with injuries overdue. Wilfred would also be a missionary in Labrador doctoring Eskimos free of charge; Handing out clothing to people who needed help from Wilfred and his barge. Once or twice he got stranded with sled dogs on the ice; He almost died out there for people who needed something to suffice. He helped many needy people who might not have made it thorught the night; He gave his life towards them and did it with all his might. He died knowing that he had helped people who might not have come to know Jesus otherwise; He reached out to any need he found, be it any size.

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