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March 15, 2006

It's Zachary!

Those of you who know Zachary, know how this happens. In his life so far he has cracked his elbow, had 5 stiches and knocked out 3 teeth. He has LOTS of energy and I could never keep up with him all day even if I tried. The good in all this? I am learning to trust AGAIN! When it happened the first thing we heard was 'I can't walk.' We have learned from experience that when Zachary says he is hurting, He is hurting! So we prayed for him first thing, waited about an hour, asked him to stand, and he still couldn't walk, so off we went to ER at Boundary Trails. He was a little trooper. Yesterday we went in to get xrays done to see if it is healing properly and it is. So he will have to have the cast for 3 more weeks. Another good thing out of this is Zachary is learning at a young age the consequences of his whims. As soon as he had his cast he asked if we had a really big boot so he could play outside. We told him he could sit outside but wouldn't be able to play. At that point you could see it all sinking in! And then the other day he told his almost 2 year old brother Nathan (who reminds us a lot like Zachary) not to jump off of things because he might end up with this~and pointed to his cast:) It was neat to see the compassion Zachary's brothers all had toward him when he had to sit still for the first couple of days. They would always bring what they were playing with and sit beside him. It's times like this when you see how close their bond is! So that's the update on Zachary!

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