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October 23, 2007


It started with a "lets go get wood!" After much sawing wood, pulling wood, pushing wood, throwing wood, loading wood, dumping wood, tripping over wood, unloading wood, throwing wood some more, passing wood and stacking wood, we've got nearly enough wood to last us the lovely manitoba winter!
The Pauls family has once again pulled together and finished a daunting task. Hip, Hip Hooray! Special thanks to Dad who drove the tractor, to Mom who pushed down all of those trees, to Josh who ran the chain saw, to Meg who was the main wood organizer, to Kerri who did a lovely job of chucking wood, to Caleb, Zachary, Jesse and Nathan who were faithful links in the wood chain, to Brooke who kept her Daddy company, and especially to Mikaya who supplied us with her lovely smiles.

This is Jen reporting live from the Pauls household, where things are always happening, trust me, always!

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