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May 9, 2008

Mikaya's New Fashion Statement

And next we have Mikaya Pauls. 10th of 10 children and as you can see
very 'fun loving' especially in her style of dress.
The lovely bug hat she is sporting on her head was pulled out of the summer hat box just this morning. It will be a wonderful way to keep that warm sunshine off her bald little head (when we get sunshine that is:) Just don't get too close to a fly swatter Mikaya!

The lovely firey red glasses are a hot item around here and she loves to wear them rain or shine.

The pastel pink hoodie was a bargain find at a garage sale yesterday. Perfect for those cool summer evenings.
Don't you think pink is her color?

The fun striped 'jail bird' dress and bloomers were also pulled out of the summer box.
With it's unique stripes and sporty short sleaves it is a perfect summer outfit.
Mikaya looks forward to wearing this to her next summer outing.

Then there are those nice white socks. Oh if those socks would just stay nice and white.
Long enough to pull them up to her belly button,
yet flexible enough to roll them down as bobby socks.
Mikaya thinks that she will find many uses for these 'oh so white' socks.
And then to top it all, the nice brown robeez booties. Also a garage sale bargain.
This will be a nice compliment to many of Mikaya's summer outfits.
And if her feet get to hot, she can just take those booties off.
How handy is that?
So here you have it folks. The new fashion trend of summer 2008.
Don't be caught wearing anything else!

Special thanks to Mikaya for doing such a wonderful job
modeling these items for us.

1 comment:

Laura said...

I think Mikaya would be cute in about anything!