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March 9, 2009

Every once in awhile you meet someone and within a couple of hours of visiting it seems like you have know them forever. That was our experience over the last few days. Through the blog and email we have gotten to know the Munck's. And last week we had the privelage of hosting them for a few days. I really don't even know where to begin. Up until now we had only communicated with the Muncks by email and had never even heard their voices. But as soon as we met we realized that God had brought our two families together and this would be a friendship that would last a lifetime. You would have never known we had 23 people in the house. The Munck family was such a pleasure to be around. They are all very well mannered and considerate and put us to shame in the manners department. Over the last few days we made memories that we will never forget. Sharing, laughing, playing, working.......all a joy to do together. So many similarities. 7 of our children are 4 months or less apart in age. Kerri and Rebekah even share the same birthday and are the same age. As we visited we realized how many of the same values and standards we have. And they are even short like us :) We thought from their pictures that they would be taller and were actually quite surprised that they weren't!!! So here's to the Munck's. Thank you so much for taking the initiative to go out on a limb and drive all this way to Canada and brave the sub artic temperatures to visit the Pauls' family. We are truly honored to have met you and hope that we can have many more visits together in the future. You have been a blessing to us.

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The Munck Family said...

Words can't come close to express how we ALL feel, WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

This was truly the best time we have ever had hands down! We know GOD placed The Pauls' in our lives.