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March 17, 2009

They're Back!

Much to our family's joy, Joshua & Rebecca came home from their honeymoon today.
You could feel the excitement build when we told everyone that they had called and said they were less than 1/2 hour from home! Brooke stood in the entrance and kept saying, "Joshua, Rebecca, where are you?" And when they drove up Jesse gave a play by play of what they were wearing and what they were doing. Nathan stood there ready to take a picture. It is so nice to have brothers and sisters that love one another like this :)
We were able to visit a little with them and see some pictures of their tour to Israel.
It sounds like they had a very memorable time.
Some of the highlights we heard about were:
-Joshua getting baptized in the Jordan River
-Getting to know Phillips, Craig & Dean & their wives(you will hear their music in our home many a day. We love their heart for worship and for the Lord) and worshipping together with them
-Walking where Jesus walked
-Seeing and learning more about the places that they had read about in the Bible so many times
-and of course way too much to list here :)
We hope to hear much more about their time in the days to come.
So welcome home Joshua & Rebecca.
We love you!


The Munck Family said...

YAY!!!!! The kids are home! OK, I know they are adults and now married BUT they will always be your kids!

I hope they will allow you to share a few pictures from their trip...hint hint!

Laura said...

I've enjoyed seeing the wedding pictures. Everything looked so wonderful! I hope we get to see some more honeymoon pics too!