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November 18, 2009

Thoughts I Had While Cleaning the Fridge

*I wonder how sour cream can go bad?
*I wonder why sour cream doesn't turn out the same as sour cream :-)
*Syrup spilled in the fridge makes for a sticky mess.
*If you would combine jars containing the same ingredients, there would be more room for other things
*Labelling doesn't always work
*I would not be a good scientist, mold does not intrigue me
*When you have too many left overs, make soup
*Some of our kids must have no depth perception, they can't tell when a container is empty
*I wonder if you push the little button that turns off the light while the door is still open, does the food think you can't see it?
*Celery that's not wrapped gets really gimpy
*10 month old babies like to crawl in a fridge while its open
* I wonder how a humidity controlled crisper works.....maybe I should be a scientist!
*Some things are entirely too tall for the shelf they are labeled to be on
*A clean fridge makes me feel like I have accomplished something :-O

How about you? Any random cleaning thoughts?!?


Stacey said...

Now that's a fabulous looking fridge :) Mine is pretty empty right now, waiting for grocery shopping today!

The Munck Family said...

Here's a thought well maybe more of a statement...PLEASE come back to my house and we'll work on getting those answers while we clean out my frig :)
Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

The thought I think before, during and after EVERY cleaning - why don't things STAY clean for longer than 15 minutes??????????

Anonymous said...

Well, that fridge makes me want to go clean mine, but too many other things to do right now. It does look pretty empty for a family of 12.
I enjoy each and every post, keep it up. Joni

Living In His Blessings said...

Ha! Ha! Exactly what we did this morning. Can't believe how often you hear"What's in this container?" or rather "What's suppose to be in this container?" Sometimes pretty funny looking stuff can starts growing in the fridge.

Regan Family Farm said...

Looks beautiful!!! Where is your freezer?? I'm ready for one of those fantastic commercial sized stainless-steel (perfect-for-a-large-family) refrigerators :)
Enjoy the fruit of your labor~

The Pauls' Family said...

Laura...I'd come any day to help you clean your fridge if it meant we could have a face to face chat!

Stacey...empty fridges are easier to keep clean, not so easy to make meals though! LOL

Julie...Ya the story of house cleaning. At least we don't get bored :-0

Joni....it only looks this empty because it was the beginning of the week. Once the left overs start coming in, it gets full pretty fast. We also have a second fridge :)

Penners....ya sometimes those 'things' don't look too appetizing!

Kathy...I really like our 'all' fridge. We have a second fridge with a small freezer and then we have 3 chest freezers and 1 upright. I agree, one of those fridges fit for big families sounds wonderful :) Maybe you'll get one for Christmas!!!

Dianna said...

How come I don't see any fruit in our fridge? I would come visit if you would have fruit in your fridge to share! lol

The Pauls' Family said...

Dianna: Well be assured that you can come visit because we have fruit in our second fridge. Hee hee!

Cinnamon said...

What a great header.... all those feet! Too cute!

Beautiful family~ Cinnamon