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December 2, 2009

Homeschool Worksheet Link

This year I found a link to a great site that allows you to print up your own worksheets for free.
So far I have only used their printing and cursive writing worksheets and have really enjoyed them.

To practice their printing and cursive writing I have the kids write out scripture verses. With these
worksheets you can put in your own sentences and print them out...tracing....printing...writing....
big....small..... basically whatever you want. So when I want to print up a verse, I go to Bible Gateway and copy the verses I want them to write out and then paste them on the WorkSheet Works site and then print them out. Simple....fast. I like it. Here's a sample.

And here's the kids doing some Christmas coloring that was also printed off the internet.
The recent snow has helped to get everyone thinking more about Christmas.

Weird how it seems Canadians seem to need snow before they really get into the Christmas mood.
I am wondering how it works for ya'll who don't get snow.
What gets you in the Christmas mood?


Jordie, Janae & Jerica said...

Hey Pauls family. Some things that help us get into Christmas Mode are:
-Praise 106.5
-Your Blog
-Cool dry weather
-runny noses(not so appreciated though :)
-packing for our trip to Manitoba
-writing Christmas cards
-packing presents. . .
Can't wait to see you!
Love, the Dyck Family from B.C.

Lisa said...

It's hard to get in the Christmas mood with no snow, but in Nova Scotia we're used to it. We hardly get any snow before January some years. This year is worse. It's been the warmest November on record and December seems to be following in it's footsteps.

Dusti said...

Going into church and seeing the greenery and candleup. Singing christmas songs. Putting up the tree. Having our home all decorated spending time at home getting gifts ready...that gets me in the Christmas spirit. Sorry it was more than one answer. :) Not snow though as we rarely get any here in the pacific northwest.