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December 6, 2009

How Could It Get Any Better Than This

Being a Mom is the greatest.
And being a Grammy is AMAZING.

Tonight we visited our little grandson, Andrew (AJ as Grammy and Gramps like to call him)
We are in Winnipeg visiting Josh and Rebecca so of course we visited little AJ too.

As I looked at his sweet little face I was overcome with such love for this little man, a little person that we hadn't even met a few weeks ago.

It's expected. When we have babies of our own we fall in love immediately, even as we carry them in our womb, the love flows.
I wondered how it would be having a grandchild.
I knew I would love him/her. But what would I feel?
Would it be different than the love you have for your own children?

What I found out to be true?
I love this little guy to bits! In a different sort of way he has become a part of me.

After we visit AJ and we go back home I find myself thinking of him often throughout the day. Who knew that he would consume so many of my thoughts? Who knew I would fall so in love with the little guy who is called my grandson.

When people ask me how I am enjoying being a Grammy, I tell them it's great to have another little person to love on.

My role as Grammy will be a little different than many in that I still have lots of little people in my own home to love on. I don't have to fill my 'baby kick', so to speak. And in fact I was a little concerned what kind of a Grammy I would be. Would I be so used to little ones that this wouldn't be such a big deal to me?

I needn't have been concerned. He is a big deal to me. He is very special to me. He is my grandson. And I love him immensely.

Being a mom is the greatest
And being a Grammy is AMAZING!

How could it get any better than this?


Rebecca Pauls said...

AWE!!! You are a very sweet Grammy! Between you and my Mom AJ will be the most loved on Grandchild that I know! And once he gets older he too will realize that it really does not get any better than this! We love you guys alot!!

Anonymous said...

Oh he is so precious! He is a very lucky boy to have such a sweet family to love him :)
T in Kentucky

The Mayo Family said...

Our prayers to you all...he is so sweet, we just left a comment to his daddy & Momma that as we all "watch" him grow you can really see how big he is getting!
We are have "Canadian" weather today! 12" so far...more to come!
Our eldest hooked us up on "blogger" so we can finally comment & so forth...
Great to see all is well! You are all a blessing!
Momma Mayo for all

Dianna said...

That is so sweet! good for you. I love how you can put it all in such words that it's always so inspiring. Children are such a tremendous blessing! Enjoy!

The Munck Family said...

Grammy...I knew you'd be the "Bestest Grammy" in the world!!!

Love & Prayers to you and your Sweet Grandson!!! Can't wait to meet him!

Cinnamon said...

I popped over from the Munck's. What a sweet post about being a Grammy :-) We are expecting our first grand-dumpling in March(our youngest child is 16 months & our oldest 20 yrs old) and I had all those same thoughts. Thanks for giving me a taste of what it will be like.