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February 12, 2010

Happy 15th Kerri

Yesterday was our 4th child and 3rd daughters birthday. To keep with the tradition of the last few months, here is 15 things about Kerri that you may not know!

1. She is a beautiful singer, and not just a singer, but a worshipper. I love to watch and listen to her sing. It is so much more than words, it's pure worship to God.

2. She loves potatoes in any form, chips especially.

3. For the first three months of her life Kerri would cry, actually scream, from 7-11 pm every day. Then one day she stopped and after that she was one of the most content babies we have had.

4. Kerri is very funny. Not the kind of funny that is cracking jokes all the time, but the funny that catches you off guard with a hilarious comment or statement :)

5. Kerri has a very sensitive heart. Ever since a little girls she has been quick to ask for forgiveness when a relationship has been hurt.

6. When she was little she refused to eat fruit, she eats a bit more of it now but it is still not her favorite thing!

7. She writes left handed, but does many other things with her right.

8. She is an amazing hockey player and has this uncanny ability to pick the corners and score.

9. Kerri and her oldest sister Jennifer look a lot alike and I often get them mixed up when looking out of the corner of my eye.

10. When Kerri was 2 years old she knew when her birthday was. When asked she would say in the cutest little 2 year old voice....Febuary 11. To this day we can still hear her answer that question.

11. Kerri is a very selfLESS person. She is ALWAYS looking to the interest of others. So much so that when it is her birthday and she is asked what she wants to do, eat, where she wants to go, she has a hard time picking, cause she want everyone else to pick what they would like.

12. Kerri is very good with little kids and they love to be around her. I think her patience is what draws them to her. She always seems to have time for them.

13. Kerri is very thorough in the jobs she does.

14. She is taller than all the other ladies in this household.

15. Her love for the Lord shines through her, she is a beautiful person inside and out. We are so glad that God gave her to all of as and that she is part of our family.


O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth will declare your praise. You do not delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it; you do not take pleasure in burnt offerings. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise. PSALM 51:15-17


The Mayo Family said...


It was so fun to get to read and learn 15 things about you! ;)

May God continue to bless your life as you look to HIM!


Karen said...

Happy Birthday Kerri. I like #2 too.

jeremy and/or laura said...

happy, happy birthday kerri! we love you! thanks for the list, we learned some new things about you :)