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April 24, 2010

Muncks Vist

What a sweet moment it was when our dear friends, the Munck family, drove onto our farm. We had been faithfully communicating over the past few months since our visit in July, but nothing compared to seeing their faces and hugging them :)
Laura and I giving a long overdue hug.
Josiah and Ruth Ella meeting for the first time.
It took no time at all for everyone to make up for lost time.
The Munck littles were ready to wear off some energy after many hours in the van,
and our littles were more than happy to accompany them :)
The older kids did not delay in picking right up where they left off from
saying our goodbyes a few months earlier.
Things were unusually busy for this time of year on the farm so
Arthur jumped right in and helped out with whatever needed to be done. He was such a big help to the guys.
Arthur and Mark

Arthur and Josh

This was a common sight.
So cute to see how much fun these 3 had together.
L-R: Brooke, Wesley and Mikaya
Playing games inside didn't last too long thanks to the perfect weather. L-R : Stephen, Jesse and Nathan
On Sunday we had brunch.....look at that load of waffles!
It was a joy to hear the cheerful chatter around the meal tables. After the Munck family left our table felt so empty :)
After brunch we enjoyed some worship time together.
The weather was amazing during the Munck's entire visit.
It was so nice for all the kids to be able to spend a lot of time outside.
They were on the go from wake up to sleep time.
On Sunday we had our first campfire of the season.
The men did a great job of cooking the meal. And Mark even did most of the dishes! (with the help of the fire:)
Nathan and William
The little threesome once again!
Just for fun we made some perogies one day.
They were very yummy :)
Jennifer and Elizabeth rolling, rolling, rolling!
All fried and done to perfection.
For city gals :) Elizabeth, Rebekah and Amanda did a great job at diggin' right in!
In this picture they literally dug in as they were wading up to the top of
their boots in muddy manure! They were a great help. Well.....
except for the 2 (I won't mention any names) that got stuck....
yes, really stuck and had to be pulled out.
It was so funny to see the cows looking at the stuck girls.
You could just see them thinking "City Girls!"
Seriously, they were great sports and I overheard that they would love to come help and move
cattle around again next year..... right girls? :)
Many hours were spent playing football.
I think by the time the Munck's left everyone was quite sore.
But the plan is, next time they get together......
there will be a football game....or two.....or three.....
And to add to the football fun, the Penner family came for a visit and
joined in the game.
Just so you don`t think it's just boys who like to play in the dirt...... look at these girls :) Too bad Rebekah wiped off her teeth before the picture!
And of course the horses were just begging to be saddled,
so an afternoon was spent riding.
Even Arthur rode.....the girls said he rode like a pro!
The parents rathered not ask how many hours of sleep the girls got. It was warm enough (well kind of) to sleep in the camper. We know they had loads of visiting fun......but maybe not quite enough sleep :) Elizabeth and Jennifer
Kerri and Rebekah...oh look, they're clean again! Besides helping with the cows, the girls also did a great job keeping us fed
and helping out around the house. Lots of work gets done fast with this many girls :) L-R : Rebekah, Jennifer & Amanda
Elizabeth and Josiah having a cuddly moment.
I waited a long time to meet this little sweetie! And I enjoyed every moment of getting acquainted with Ruth Ella.
At the end of this hard work day it was time to shoot off some rockets.

Look way, way up!
Just to add to all the excitement, our newest tractor was delivered.
Not sure what the delivery guy thought of his audience :)

And then all too soon it was time for our traditional family picture before departure.
And a silly one :)
L-R : Rebekah, Kerri, Amanda, Megan, Elizabeth & Jennifer
Lots and lots of hugs were given.
I can't even explain what a hard moment this was.
We felt like part of our hearts were going back to Tennessee.
And the only thing that made this parting bearable was knowing that, Lord willing,
we will see them all again in a few months.
And until then, hearing their voices will have to do!
Thank you to the Munck family for a memorable visit.
We love you ALL :)


mommyx12 said...

Sure looks like a grand visit. Having a crowd like that together for a few days are the best things!

Amy said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time together:) Lots of fun and memories made for sure.

Shelby said...

fun, fun!! ya'll are so blessed to have such good friends as the Muncks.

Rebecca Pauls said...

thanks alot of sharing the Muncks with josh and I, it was a lot of fun! just to let you know, you might need to look for different milking people for the next time you go out to visit them! :)

Living In His Blessings said...

Happy for you all. What a wonderful blessing to have friends so far away and yet so close in the heart.

The Munck Family said...

This post and the pictures has made me CRY...all over again! It was so hard to leave you all and say good bye until next time!

Thank you for the wonderful time, each one of you are so precious and dear to us!!!

Thanking the Lord daily for you all...and for texting and now Skype cause we can see you and hear your voices!!!!

Laura fro the family

The Mayo Family said...

Dear Friends,
Looks like two sweet families having a sweet time of friendship & fellowship together!
Isn't God good to have brought yall together!
So rejoicing that your time was "special"!
Lori for us

Amanda said...

You look like you had such a great visit. I'm glad that the Muncks' have found such great friends in you. They're such fantastic family. :)

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Hi there~ I have been reading through some of your blog. So fun, encouraging and full of the Lord. How fun to have another large family to fellowship with who is like minded. It is SO hard to find. I pray one day we will have a good family like minded to be around ours. Anyhow, you have a beautiful family. Blessings