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June 26, 2010

Chicky Sticken, Sticky Chicken

When I first wrote this post I challenged you to say Chicky Sticken 5 times. What I meant to say was Chicky Sticken, Sticky Chicken 5 times.
Brookie loves her Daddy!
They do lots of crazy things together.....mostly at the dinner table.
They laugh lots, they talk silly, they come up with crazy rhymes, they make funny faces.....
She follows him like a shadow when he is working on the yard.
She will spend hours on a tractor just to be around him.
But lately Brookie and Daddy have had a dilemma.
Daddy (the master of nick names) and for awhile has called her 'Beautiful Brookie'
Then just recently (probably somewhat to do with the 'interesting hair-dos' she sports throughout the day, depending on the weather :), he has called her 'Curly Sue'.
But for some reason Brookie has protested to being called 'Curly Sue', instead she wanted to steal her little sister's nick name...Fluffy?!?!?
and Daddy jokingly argued back and forth over this issue for weeks (you guessed it, mostly at the dinner table)
Finally one day, tired of the arguing (hee, hee) Daddy decided that he would give this little girl a choice of two nick names. This should settle it once and for all.
So at the table one day Daddy came up with the ultimatum.....it's either 'Curly Sue' or.......'Sticky Chicken'!!!! But...... Brookie still insisted on being called her little sister's name..... 'Fluffy'.
Well Daddy then decided he would choose between the two names on his own.........and so the nickname was......You guessed it.....Sticky Chicken :)
After being called this a few days, Brookie said to her Daddy one day....'You can call me Curly Sue'!!!! And he does (sometimes :)....and they laugh....and they still have fun at the dinner table.
Now little sister seeing all the fun wanted to join in and when Daddy called her 'Fluffy' she said, "No, I'm Chicky Sticken"!
Well then Daddy got an idea that everyone should try to say Chicky Sticken, Sticky Chicken
5 times...fast. And guess what...no one could do it....maybe once or twice....but definitely not 5 and definitely not quickly!!!!
So here's a Pauls' challenge for you. Can you say Chicky Sticken, Sticky Chicken 5 times in a row really fast? If you can....we will put you down in our books of 'most talented one'!!!!
There.....now you know a bit of what can go on around our dinner table :)


Coreen Berube said...

oh too funny! I guess I'm not talented :(

Mrs. Pauls said...

Mike and I aren't particularily talented in this area either!
I can remember our meal time getting pretty creative when I was a kid. Good Times.