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April 20, 2012

Tables Turned

Everyday it seems like I am constantly challenging and encouraging our children in their faith. So many lessons to be taught.

But today the tables were turned. Today our son taught me a life lesson and challenged me in my faith.

He was generous to a neighbor when I would have held back. He told me that God blesses us when we give. On the outside I smiled, for I didn't want to discourage his sweet faith. But on the inside I knew the facts, plain and simple. So and so many chickens which laid so and so many eggs a day....times the people that needed eggs by the weekend.....equaled not enough!!! Plain and simple.

But I was about to be put to shame...for I had just limited God. A God Who wanted to show himself real to His child...a God Who cared about the little things in this young man's life.

What happened? More eggs than we have ever gotten in a single day...almost too many eggs for what seems possible.

And what did my son say to me...in a matter of fact way??? See Mom... I told you.....God blesses us when we are generous and give.

And I smiled again. But this time it was a different smile....a smile for a son who believed and was shown in a tangible way that God cares about the little things...a smile for a Mama who was reminded that God cared enough about her to teach her something through the faith of a child.

I will probably never look at an egg again without being reminded of our lesson in generosity today....the day the tables were turned!


Rose said...

I love this story. You are a wise mom. Praise God for providing.

Missy said...

thanks for sharing...love hearing about when God works...