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May 13, 2012

How Many Times

It was over 22 yrs. ago that I first acquired the title MOM.
I never imagined then that 22 yrs. later I would have earned the title 14 more times (including the ones that married into our family).
I never imagined then what a wonderful journey I was in for.

I remember my first Mother's Day as a MOM going to a restaurant and receiving a rose....for me...just for being a MOM!!! I remember how honoured I felt. But I never imagined how many more times I would feel honoured to be in this posistion called MOM!

What a journey these last 22 yrs. have been. What a blessing!!!

I have often wondered what the numbers would be at if I had counted.....
How many times I have changed a diaper.
How many times I have been on the receiving end of a hug.
How many times I have wiped a snotty nose.
How many times I've smiled.
How many times I have had a sleepless night.
How many times I've heard."I love You".
How many times I have given a glass of water.
How many times I have kissed an "owie".
How many times I have said, "Be kind, Be gentle, Be loving".
How many times I have said, "Good job!"
How many clothes I have washed.
How many times I have listened to a child's exciting account.
How many times I have cried over a disobedient child.
How many times I have rejoiced over a child's spiritual growth.
How many pieces of artwork I have received.
How many times I have prayed for wisdom concerning a child.
How many times I have given a bath.
How many times I have disciplined.
How many times I have had a contraction.
How many times I have kissed sweet baby cheeks.
How many times I have made a bottle.
How many times I've soothed a distraught child.
How many times I've played peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake.
How many instructions I have given.
How many times I've cleaned up after a sick child.
How many times I have read a story to a child.
How many times I have taught school.
How many times I have said "Don't walk in the house with your shoes, Put a coat on, shut the door, clean your room, chew with your mouth closed, don't talk with your mouth full, say 'Yes Ma'am', say please, say thank-you......"
How many times I have cleaned up a spill.
How many times I have been given a dandelion by a sweet child.
How many timesI have tied a shoe...........
Wow...the list could go on and on!!!!

As many times as I have done all these things I can honestly say that I wouldn't trade them for anything, Anything, ANYTHING in the world!!!!! They have made me into the person I am today.

Is being a MOM hard work? You bet it is!!!! But is it worth it? You bet it is!!!!!

And the greatest thing is that I will always be a MOM!!! It's a title I have been entrusted  and I will wear it proudly! I am so thankful that God has allowed me to be a MOM to every one of our children!!!! What a blessing they are :)

Happy Mother's Day to all you MOMs out there. May your day be special and may you reflect on the goodness of the Lord.


Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Thank you being the wonderful Mom that you are, we are so blessed by you and we pray Gods blessings on you in the years yo come. We love you Mom!!!!

The Munck Family said...

Hope your Mother's Day was filled with joy and memories made for a lifetime! How blessed we are to be called Mother, with the tough days and with the easy.

Hugs and love to my sweet friend,

Marie said...

So beautifully written and so true!!! Love your blog :)

Jaime said...

Very true! An awesome privilege and reminder that anything with great blessing requires us to give great sacrifice to the Lord. I have found motherhood to be the Lord's refining fire and unspeakable blessing!