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March 1, 2013

Cute at it's Finest!

I realize that I haven't give many updates on our grandchildren lately! So here's a quick one.
Andy has been doing really well and we are just thrilled how far he has come so far after his very rocky start in life! It really is a miracle and we praise God often for the gift that he is to us! Even though he is still quite tiny....he is growing up! He struggles a bit to talk but we know that there is lots going on in his mind all of the time!!! Just in the past month his vocabulary and pronunciation has really improved so I am sure it won't be long and he will be talking non-stop! He loves anything that has to do with tractors or bales :) He is a true farm boy, just like his daddy was at that age! He is a loving, polite little guy and we are so thankful for him!

Makayla is already over a year old ( I know I say it all the time....but where does time go?) She is the complete opposite of Andy...out going, adventurous, and a little bit mischievous :) She is a fun loving girl and reminds me a lot of her Auntie Jen when she was little....and now too :) It's really interesting how history repeated itself. Andy and Makayla relationship reminds me so much of Josh and Jen's when they were little (not so much anymore! Jen doesn't get Josh in trouble as much!!!) Again, we feel so blessed to have this little sweetie as our grand-daughter! What a blessing she is!

And it won't be much longer before a new little bundle will be added to our grandchildren!
Becca is due with baby #3 on May 2nd! We are excited to have another little baby around again :) 

On a completely different not.....but not really....
Last Saturday we witnessed the marriage between a lovely young couple (Rebecca's sister).
Rebecca was a bridesmaid. 
She looked so sweet in her glowing pregnant self!
Isn't she beautiful!

The cutest part was this.....
Andy and Makayla were flower girl and ring bearer.
They looked so adorable!!!!
But the best part was when Andy pulled Makayla all the way up to the front 
while she just took in the adoring stares around her! 
It was so typical of their personalities. 
Andy...the focused one. 
Makayla just wants to enjoy life at her pace!
It was the cutest thing ever!!!!

And that about does is for the "grandchildren" update :)
Thanks Megan and Rebecca for all the pictures I stole off your blog :)

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Anonymous said...

awww, they are so precious! I can't wait for grandkids, what a blessing! Although I promised not to pressure my oldest son and his fiance after they get married this summer, lol.
Great pics!