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March 5, 2013

Snowy Times

Yesterday we got another dump of snow! 
This has been quite a snowy winter for us! 
So just to give you a glimpse of what our part of the world is looking like right now 
I took a few pictures for you :) 

These are some of our hay bales for the cows.....under snow :)

This is where the chickens play in the spring/summer/fall.
 Looks like they are going to have to wait awhile to get their beaks outside :)

This is how deep it was when I was taking pictures. 

This is our pond area

This is what is looks like in summer. 
Wow it's weird to seem green!
Can't wait :)

Can you see the deck? And the rock? 
Today the rock is completely covered!

Our front door

The kids play area.
A couple of weeks ago Mikaya, Josiah and Jaden 
tried to play there.
Jaden ended up losing his boot in the snow :)

The skinny path to the garage

Our trampoline frame is under that big snow bank!
Do you see why we take the canvas off for the winter?

The back door with the puppy 
who is begging to come in!

Snow as far as the eye can see!

Sad puppy!
Actually she loves the snow....
she's just trying to get me to let her inside :)
The sad puppy face doesn't usually work with me, 
but it does with the kids!

And just cause I had the camera in my hand 
and because this boy is so cute :)

I think we all have spring fever around here but it looks like green grass is a long time away!
So for now we will make the best of it and try not to get lost in the snow banks :)


Leanne said...

Boy oh boy, that's a LOT of snow!!

We don't really get snow here, except every so often in the winter, if it decided it's time for a rare snow. And then it's only like a foot or so.

Since I know little to nothing about your neck of the woods, I'd like to see you do a series of posts about your weather and how long your seasons are. I'd love to learn more about Manitoba!!

Your pictures are beautiful and seem so peaceful and pure. Thanks for posting them!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting these pictures. It looks like there is a lot of fun to be had out there.
- the rowleys in vietnam

Faye Henry said...

Such gorgeous pics.. Spring will be here soon..
We have a lot of snow yet, too..
Take care..

~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Wow! It is beautiful, but makes me cold to look at! :) Y'all stay warm!!!