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June 5, 2014

Beauty of the Creator

Yesterday marked the day that we could officially say we were done seeding! We had just a few acres of low ground that we were waiting on to dry out....and yesterday we got done all that we were going to get!

Seeding is always a great time of year because it means spring and warmer weather and green trees and grass are finally here. Even though, when we start seeding, things are still quite brown, by the end there is green everywhere.

Every year God shows His faithfulness as He orchestrates the change of the seasons. I am pretty sure no one appreciates spring as much as Canadians do :) . Everything is so cold and barren for so many months...and then the green comes, greener than we remember.  The birds change their song. Even the clouds change....beautiful, fluffy, wispy.

The whole thing is really just amazing and makes me stand back and say, "How Great Is Our God!!!" He is a God of such detail. From a little flower to the huge expanse of the sky..... detail, beauty.

Today look at the things around you through the eyes of the Creator. The colors, the smells, the sounds. All created by Him, for our enjoyment! 

*These photos were taken by Jennifer one evening when we were playing football. The photos cannot even begin to capture the beauty that was in the sky that evening!

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