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June 16, 2014

Family Day

Sundays.....This day makes my heart joyful!!

First and foremost it's a day where we gather together with our brothers and sisters in Christ and celebrate life, worship and praise our Creator and are encouraged and challenged  in our walk with the Lord. 

Secondly....and also very important is rest! Rest from a busy week. A time just to relax from the daily routine. So nice!

And thirdly....FAMILY TIME!!! I am especially fond of the Sundays in summer where we have no real agenda, no where to be at a certain time. Just a time to enjoy each other.  
This was the case a little while ago.

We live about an hour from church. Come to think of it we live about an hour from anywhere :)
So our Sundays always include some travel time. In the summer our 15 passenger van is packed pretty much full of the "stuff" we will need for the day. Sunscreen, bugspray, shoes, socks, pants and coats (because you never know what the weather will be!), water (lots), picnic lunch, football, soccer ball, volleyball (because you never know what sport you might be playing!), diaper & wipes (although Eli is nearly potty trained!)....and this list goes on!!!

         This is Jaden eagerly anticipating the events of the day.

Jennifer's riding buddy, Elijah. 
He spends the ride scouting for tractors and cattle and  let's everyone know when he sees them! He has gotten to the point where he has memorized where there should be cattle and tractors and when they are not in their regular place he says, "Where are tractors/cows?"

And can't forget about Caleb! What a sweet young man he is! 
His little siblings, neices and nephews think he's a pretty fun guy!

Jaden is Kerri's riding buddy
Here they are captured singing together!

Those eyes!

Time for lunch! 
This was our first of many spring/summer/fall picnics in the park.

The Usual Menu:

Lots of hungry little mouths! 
We don't usually get out of church before 1:00 or 1:30 so everyone is good and hungry for lunch!

Kerri :)

Our sweet little red head!
Why do they call it red anyway?

Time for adventures!
A local camp was hosting a family day so we decided that would be a fun way to spend the day.

First on the agenda, swinging rope across the creek. 
Some were a little nervous about falling in :)

Some would have loved to fall in!

And some did it just for their Daddy!

And was glad she did!

And of course the daddy had to try it too!

Just like old days! 
(he went to this same summer camp when he was a kid)

And some preferred to stay with both feet planted on the ground. 
Am I adventurous?
I have 13 kids don't I????

Kerri :)

Kerri and Caleb

Little Miss Mikaya

Time to actually cross the creek....
still doesn't want to get wet!

Still doesn't care :)

Whoa! The bigger you are the more you have to work at it!

Just like a pro!

Always living life on the edge!!!

And they made it!!!
And they are all dry!!!
Now on to the obstacle course.

This is Jaden
He is big!
In his mind he is even bigger :)

Learning some balancing skills.


Concentration Nathan!

One foot in front of the other.

Jaden shows them how its done :)

We had to go on the small rock climbing wall.
 The line ups were too long on the big one!
And once you add our family to a big line up its...well it's more than big!

Kerri feeling a little tall?

Look at him go!

This is how you do it Kerri!

Or like that!

Little monkey on the monkey bars

Go go slide!

Swinging through the jungle

Well at least it looked like it for a minute :)

Kerri showing Caleb how it's done~

Never look at the ground!

One arm in front of the other!

This was a long obstacle course!

Kerri! Don't look down!

And he made it through!

Hey Caleb, do this!

Mission Accomplished

Time for archery! 
Our boys have been asking for a bow and arrows so it was fun for them to be able to try their hand at it.

I think some found it a little harder than they thought it would be!

While the little ones were letting off some energy in the playground 
he big ones played some tether ball.

Look up....way up!

Cuddle bunny!

The boys also enjoyed a game of miniature golf of which we have no photos 'cause we were having too much fun in the playground :)

After much play it was time for a free supper of weiners, beans, chips and cookies.

I look forward to this summer and many more memories to be made.
I love my family!!!

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