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May 8, 2007

Our New Friend

Every since Mikaya was born, she likes to be held...
And held, and held, and held......You get the picture!
At night we put her down and she sleeps just fine,
but doesn't like her bed during the day.
That's okay, I would rather it that way than the other
way around.
The first month was fine, there was always someone
to hold her, but now there is so much to do with yard
work and exta stuff that we needed a way to hold her
and be mobile at the same time.
So I bought the amazing MamanKangaourou (from Quebec)
wrap off of ebay.
And we love it! It has been so handy and she is in
it most of the day.
It is one size fits all, so my girls can wear it too.
There are 5 different postitions to carry them (including
the nursing position).
Your hands are free to do what you need to do.
It is easy to put on (once you get the hang of it)
and you just throw it in the washer to clean it.
It folds up nice and small for throwing in the
diaper bag.
You can use it from newborn up to 35 lbs.
So I say, 3 cheers for MamanKangourou.
You have made our life a little easier!
Here's their website http://www,mamankangourou.com
Here is my lovely model Kerri demonstrating
our new friend!

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