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May 20, 2007


I had an interesting experience the other day. I met a lady who looked at the 3 children I had with me that day and said, "You have three, I only have 2 and I can't handle them. I don't know how you do it!" Caught a little off guard at this comment seeing that I didn't even have 1/3 of our children with me, I just smiled. But as she went on and on about how did I do it, I just had to say something! So I said "You wouldn't believe it if I told you how many more we have!" To this she threw up her hands and exclaimed, "I don't even want to hear it!" and she got in her car and drove away. Even though this was quite humorous, it is also sad at the same time. Is this really the general feeling of society today? Two is even too much? Now those of you who know me well know that I love having a big family and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love being a mom to 10 kids! One day another lady was talking to me about our family and made the comment that I shouldn't have had so many children. I turned to her and said. "Which one do you suggest I shouldn't have had?" To this she was a little lost for words, but really. Why would anyone wish their children away. Yes they take energy, patience, lots of love and forgiveness, but why do we tend to focus on the negatives? I don't even let thoughts come into my head of when I was single or just married and had all the time in the world to do my things. That's counter-productive. God has given me these children, and my job, my privelage is to love and care for them. No self pity, no grumbling, no wishing is going to change that. Mothering is hard work, I will never deny that, but what are the rewards? A part of you that will be there as long as God wills, someone who will always come to you for advice and a little lovin'. I am tired of the attitude that children are an inconvenience and mess up our life. The Bible says children are a blessing and a reward. So if you have children, give them an extra hug today and thank God for them, whether it's one, two, three,.....or 15 (yes, I know people who have that many!) and rejoice in being a mom.

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