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June 29, 2007

God is Amazing!

Well life here has been very interesting as it has in many areas of the province in the last week.
Last weekend started with really hot humid weather which resulted in thunderstorms Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday. Tornados were spotted and hit some people's homes. Gratitude to God that we are safe, feeling for those who came out of the storms with loss.

Every night we sat up in the wee hours of the morning watching the rain pound down, hail (2 nights) and wind blow.

As farmers we sit there in awe and a realization hits that what you have worked on all spring and part of summer could just be wiped out in a matter of minutes. Thunderstorms for me show me the majesty of God. The constant thunder and lightning one night was just amazing. WOW!

Our crops were okay, a couple got mildly hit, but nothing as serious as some of our neighbors. So again, we are thankful that God spared our crops and yet feel for the ones whose crops were destroyed.

Our phone was down until later on Wednesday. It was interesting not having contact via phone and internet. We had our cell phone on, but not many people know that number. Guess what was one of the first phone calls we got when we were back on the line? A credit card company trying to sign us up. Didn't miss that part!

And to top everything off....I left our camera out in the rain. We had some family fun on Sunday playing outside and I was taking some great pictures and put it down, we went to have our campfire, and I didn't bring the camera with me. We cleaned up, went in, went to bed. In the morning Megan asked me, "Mom, did you bring the camera in?" Oh man! So the camera is in the fix it shop! Thankfully they can fix it but it will be a couple of weeks before we get it back. Just in time for us to go on holidays! Oh well at least we have a video camera!!

We have been planning to go on holidays. We wanted to get our first cut of alfalfa done. We got about half of it baled but when we were just about ready to bale the second half we got rain and rain and rain. So today, the weather and the forcast looked nice, the sun was shining so Mark and Josh went out there to get what hay wasn't drenched with puddles, and guess what??? It started raining!!!

So as you can see the last few days have been a test, ups and downs. But in the end it is all just stuff. We have God's love and enduring promises, we have our loved ones. Life is amazing! God is amazing!
Here are some family pictures 'before' I left the camera in the rain!

Go Nate Go!

You're never too cool to play croquet!

Pausing for a photo

There's always time to pet a kitty!

Who can resist those eyes!?!

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