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June 12, 2007

We Sold Our Van

Well actually, God sold our van!

We had done our own thing, tried the Auto Trader, put up ads all to no avail, in fact only one phone call. I was praying that we would be able to bless a large family with a good deal because I know how hard it is to find these vans. And it just so happened that a friend of ours knew of someone who has 7 children and needed a large van and it was a match! I am glad it is not sitting here anymore collecting dust (not that I regularly dusted it or anything). So good-bye to our faithful Ford Club Wagon that gave us many good rides. I hope it does as good for the next family!

1 comment:

jeremy and/or laura said...

yeah! i love the way things work out sometimes...
jer getting glasses was what prompted the inquiry about the health of your eyes the other day!