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June 4, 2007

Two Month Milestone

Dear Mikaya,

Another milestone, 2 months old.
You are such a little sweetie! You love to smile and just wait for someone to come into your view so you can smile at them! You even occasionaly laugh! And as quickly as you can be happy and smiling, you can get very upset!! You make us laugh sometimes with your quick mood swings.
Already we can see your little personality forming. You are one very determined little girl. You rolled over from your tummy to your back when you were 8 weeks old! Over night you went from screaming every moment you were in your car seat and swing to almost liking it. I don’t understand this except someone must have been praying for you (I haven’t asked her yet, but I think it was Grama). So now after you are done eating and everyone is done cuddling you we put you in your swing and you are contented, you even fall asleep occasionally! And when we go for a car ride you are quite happy in your car seat! Yeah, this should make our summer holidays a little easier.
Your brothers and sisters still absolutely think you are a little bundle of joy. Caleb likes to cuddle you often and is very good with you! Nathan comes by often and gives you many kisses (he’s a kissy guy!) Zachary asks often if he can hold you and Jesse is still awed by your little hands and feet. And of course big brother Joshua loves it when you give him ‘that smile’ and likes to talk to you. Your sisters do a lot to help mommy take care of you, they change you, feed you, entertain you and put you to sleep. Brooke thinks you need many blankets and is always bringing them to you. When you cry she comes to you and says ‘Oh, what’s the matter?’ I can see already that Brooke and you are going to be close friends. You are very blessed to have so many brothers and sisters to love on you.
You sleep much better now. You can fall asleep in your crib all by yourself and sometimes even nap your whole nap in there. At night you have given mommy lots of rest as you usually sleep for 7 hours straight. Thank you!
Your firsts this month:
first time to McDonalds
first smile and ‘coo’
your first garage sale
your first garden planting
your first trip to Forte Whyte Center
first trip hauling cattle
first time to cry yourself to sleep
first trip to the zoo
first time rolling over
first wedding banquet
Wow that’s a lot of firsts in one month!
Praise reports this month
The angels held you when Jennifer fainted while you were in her arms! You are alright and so is she.
You fall asleep on your own and like your car seat and swing much better.
We love you Mikaya and look forward to getting to know you better as we spend more time together.

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