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July 24, 2007


On our way home we stopped at Drumheller, AB over night and visited Reptile World and the Tyrell Museum. At reptile world the highlight was holding 'Brittney' the boa constrictor. What a big snake she is!
At the museum we saw lots of dinasaur bones that had been found in the area. It was interesting but also too bad to see all the evolution statements and to think of all the people visiting who were believing those false statements. But it really made me wonder again, What did the dinasaurs look like when they were on the earth? I guess we will never know for sure until we ask God in heaven! Drumheller was the only place that had decent admission rates for families. Most places consider a family 2 adults, 2 kids, doesn't quite cut it for us. But at Drumheller they had 2 adults and all dependent children in the rates, so that was nice! We also went on a hike after touring the musuem and saw the badlands and it's beauty up close. Again it amazed me how God was so creative when He made everything, badlands included, even though it was named so by the natives because it was hard to travel and pretty useless to them! I also learned that sage grows in abundance there and the natives used it for many purposes, including to quench thirst. I thought this was very interesting! Some of the kids had fun on the trail running ahead of us (which wasn't too hard at my weary pace!) and hiding behind hills, and charging out at us 'roaring' like dinasaurs when we got close. I guess whatever it takes to make a hike exciting! Until next time!
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Denyse said...

Looks like you guys had a really great trip. I love the picture of Jen and the snake. Yikes, I could not do that.